Ranking of the 25 best episodes about workaholics

In Gayborhood, TelAmeriCorp hosts a team building day led by Teddy (played by Jerry O’Connell) and the guys must work together to win the grand prize of a timeshare weekend in Palm Springs, California. At first, the guys are confident in their friendship, but after a night of wild parties, cracks begin to appear.

Guys mistakenly think their neighbors gay pride party is actually a Pride MMA party. They disrupt the event and ruin it when they get too drunk. After passing out, the three wake up in bed together, with all signs pointing to having sex with each other the day before. They re-evaluate their relationship as friends and roommates and struggle in a team building competition as any close physical contact makes them feel uncomfortable.

They realize that they need to mend their broken relationship if they are to win, so they each reveal the truth about events in their past in order to reconcile with each other and make things right. They end up winning the competition and apologize to the party hosts for their bad behavior. The hosts then reveal the truth: they pranked the guys into thinking they slept together as payback for Adam, Blake and Derse’s nasty antics at the party. With relief, the guys immediately return to their insensitive and cheerful hangouts.

MMA pride vs gay pride misunderstanding is one of the wittiest jokes in Workaholics. This, combined with the episode’s focus on the depth (or not) of the guys’ friendship, really makes “Gayborhood” the best episode.

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