Ranking of the richest actors in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

So many films have been released in ten years that it is almost surprising that some films remain in the memory decades later. Regardless, The Fast Times at Ridgemont High has continued to enjoy such popularity since its release in 1982 that scores of A-list stars have come together to read the film’s script in 2020 at the table.

Of course, there are usually many reasons why a movie remains popular. In the case of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, this is certainly the case, as the film appealed to a whole generation of young viewers based on its storyline and stellar line-up. When it comes to the cast of a film, the obvious question is: How much money are Fast Times stars in Ridgemont High worth today?

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10 The fortune of Robert Romanus – 500 thousand dollars

When people talk about Fast Times in Ridgemont High, it often seems like Mike Damon is a character rarely remembered. Ultimately, it seems clear that the reason Damon is not much talked about is because he was played by Robert Romanus, an actor who has not gained prominence since the Fast Times in Ridgemont High. However, Romanus appears to be leading a comfortable life today, as he is worth $ 500,000, according to celebritynetworth.com.


9 Eric Stolz’s fortune is 5 million dollars

In the years since the release of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the film has become synonymous with one of its characters, Spicoli. For this reason, it is noteworthy that Eric Stolz plays one of Spicoli’s buddies in the film, although his role was very small. After the release of this film, Stolz continued to appear in films such as The Mask, Pulp Fiction and Jerry Maguire, and he has appeared in many successful shows. According to celebritynetworth.com, Stolz amassed a fortune of $ 5 million as a result of all these roles.

eight Judge Reinhold’s fortune is $ 5 million

Of all the actors who played in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Judge Reinhold was the one who played the common man, Brad. Despite always coming across as an ordinary guy, Reinhold has managed to land several notable roles, including the lead role in Santa Claus and Beverly Hills Cop. Thanks to such roles and many other projects in which he took part, Reinhold’s fortune is $ 5 million. according to Celebirtynetworth.com.

7 Jennifer Jason Lee’s net worth is $ 5 million

For many people who watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High in their youth, Jennifer’s character Jason Leigh Stacy was who they could connect with the most. An innocent character trying to figure out how to navigate coming of age, Lee has done an amazing job of bringing Stacy back to life. Because Lee is such a terrific actor, she has worked consistently since Fast Times at Ridgemont High was released, and often starring. For this reason, it’s surprising that Lee is the third and final actor on this list to amass $ 5 million according to celebritynetworth.com.

6 Nancy Wilson’s fortune is $ 15 million

Despite the fact that Nancy Wilson barely appears on screen in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, her moment in the film remains extremely memorable. After all, there is a reason why Wilson was called “The Pretty Girl in the Car.” Best known as a true rock and roll legend, Nancy has led the hugely successful band Heart with her sister Anne. According to celebritynetworth.com, as a result of her incredibly successful music career, Nancy is currently worth $ 15 million.

5 Nicolas Cage’s fortune is $ 25 million

In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Judge Reinhold’s character Brad works in a fast food restaurant with his buddy, played by Nicolas Cage. Even though Cage only landed a tiny role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, almost everyone knows that he would later become a huge movie star. As a result, Cage was very wealthy at the height of his career. Unfortunately, many bad financial decisions led to Cage’s filing for bankruptcy, but fortunately, his fate eventually changed. Still, Cage is only worth $ 25 million now, according to celebritynetworth.com, that’s a lot less money than he had at his peak.

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4 Forest Whitaker’s fortune is $ 30 million

When the folks behind the Fast Times in Ridgemont High needed to hire a big young man who might be intimidating at one point and funny at another, they turned to Forest Whitaker. Of course, Whitaker went on to become one of the most respected actors of his generation and also became a movie star. For this reason, Whitaker was in high demand over the years, allowing him to demand big salaries and enjoy his $ 30 million fortune, according to celebritynetworth.com.

3 Phoebe Cates is worth $ 35 million

When Jennifer’s character Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High is looking for someone to help her become a woman, she turns to Linda Phoebe Cates. After she thinks she knows all this, it eventually becomes clear that Linda is not as mundane as she is trying to pretend. Luckily, Cates had the acting ability to play both sides of the role. Unfortunately for moviegoers, Cates largely gave up acting in the early 90s. However, as a result of her short Hollywood career, married to Kevin Kline and opening a boutique, according to celebritynetworth.com, Cates is worth $ 35 million today.

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2 Anthony Edwards’ fortune – $ 40 million

Another actor who rose to fame after a small role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Anthony Edwards played another of Spicoli’s buddies in the classic teen film. Following this role, Edwards went on to play a memorable character in the blockbuster Top Gun, and also starred in the first few seasons of the drama series Ambulance. Thanks to these roles and a long list of others that Edwards has played over the years, according to celebritynetworth.com, he has a fortune of $ 40.

one Sean Penn’s fortune is $ 70 million

Looking back at the Fast Times legacy in Ridgemont High, Sean Penn will always be closely associated with the hit teen movie. This is funny in many ways, as Penn focused almost entirely on dramatic roles for the rest of his career. Thanks to the recognition Penn has earned for these performances, and the fact that many of his films have made a lot of money, Sean is one of the biggest movie stars of his generation. For this reason, it is only logical that it ranks first on this list, since Penn’s fortune is $ 70 million. according to Celebirtynetworth.com.

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