Ranking the 7 Best and 7 Worst Roles of Kaley Cuoco on TV

While The Big Bang Theory marks the high point in Kaley Cuoco’s career, the series’ prequel spin-off mammoth contains one of the star’s worst performances to date. Cuoco made a strange cameo appearance in “Young Sheldon” as the water in the big pool talking to young Sheldon when he’s afraid to jump into the bacteria-infested waters of the gym’s pool.

Given that Young Sheldon takes place nearly 20 years before The Big Bang Theory’s first season, it really doesn’t make sense that Kaley Cuoco’s Penny, whom Sheldon first met as an adult, has anything at all. to do with this series. However, it seems that series co-creator Steve Molaro thought she would be perfect for voicing pool water. “I knew I wanted it to be feminine and a little sexy, and I was like, ‘Well, yes! Kaylee is perfect for this,” Molaro said. TVLineexplaining why he oddly chose Cuoco for the spin-off.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Cuoco’s acting, and some fans may appreciate the cameo. However, the sheer oddity of her voice emerging from the seemingly sentient pool water decades before her own character is a regular part of Sheldon’s life, combined with the fact that the role was supposed to sound “pretty sexy” has us scratching our heads. in retrospect.

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