Rating of each protagonist of the Halloween franchise

Since Michael Myers’ first victim was his older sister, and in Halloween 2 it was revealed that Laurie Strode was his younger sister, it only makes sense that he’s a potential victim for the fourth film (but the third, which features Michael Myers’ character). ) is his niece Jamie Lloyd. It is explained that between Halloween 2 and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Lori was married and had a daughter before she died in a car accident along with her husband.

Her daughter, Jamie Lloyd, now lives with the Carruther family. We sympathize with her from the beginning because she has visions that her uncle is coming for her and she is tormented by the kids at school due to her evil heritage. Jamie is a great character because we can understand her. She looks like a real baby, not a Hollywood baby (thanks to performed by Danielle Harris) and we want her to survive.

The end of the fourth film shows that Jamie can be just as evil as her uncle, but the fifth film completely rejects this concept. However, we root for Jamie as she confronts her uncle in the movie’s finale. Unfortunately, the character (played by JC Brandi) is disposed of at the start of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers after the birth of Michael’s great-nephew. Despite this gruesome and unfair ending, her determination and humanity make her one of the show’s highlights.

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