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Of course, Walt Disney is apparently the purveyor of modernized fairy tales from the 20s.th century and beyond. Sleeping Beauty is perhaps one of the studio’s most famous animated films. The central villainous figure in this film is the evil sorceress Maleficent. She purchased her own feature film with Angelina Jolie playing the part of the meddling villainess. Only this time, she was given a prettier role, and her character was slightly modified to be considered a powerful fairy. However, no one can forget that classic gauntlet of the prince cutting through the thorny vines surrounding Princess Aurora’s castle and battling Maleficent as a full-blown dragon in the animated film’s climactic finale. However, things are definitely not going the same way in the live action reimagining.

The guy doesn’t turn on the girl. Prince Phillip (Brenton Thwaites) tries to wake the princess up with a kiss, but it doesn’t seem to happen. After Maleficent discovers that she has fallen under the curse she once angrily placed on her royal line, she is filled with remorse and kisses Aurora on the forehead. This awakens the princess. But the royal guard refuses to let the couple go. They attack Maleficent. During the fight, she transforms her faithful pet raven Diaval into a fearsome dragon. The dragon sets the castle on fire and holds the fortress for some time. In the end, the royal guards defeat the beast and restrain it. However, as far as living dragons go, this is a brilliant recreation of Maleficent’s once animated movie dragon, albeit with crow feathers and what appears to be a beaked snout. The mythical creature still retains iconic horns that are very similar to Maleficent’s own.

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