Rating of the funniest scenes in films with Adam Sandler

Mr. Deeds is mostly a comedy, but the adorable pairing of Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder provides just enough sweet romance to keep the movie entertaining. So does the stellar cast, including Steve Buscemi and John Turturro in minor but memorable roles.

Turturro, in particular, is delighted, portraying a “very mean” butler who scurries through the house in near silence. He always comes to please Deeds on errands. During their first meeting, Deeds removes his shoe to reveal himself. dead leg – the result of frostbite suffered in childhood. The black appendage frightens Turturro at first, but Deeds reassures him, assuring the butler that he does not feel anything. To prove his point, Deeds practically orders his butler to hit him in the leg with a fiery poker. At first, the Turturro character lightly taps Sandler, but when prompted, becomes overzealous to the point of aggressively stabbing Deeds, who screams in pain.

“You’re sick,” Deeds screams over and over as the butler recoils in horror. “I’m just kidding, buddy,” he finally says with a laugh.

“You really made me go there,” the frightened butler replies.

“Anyway,” Deeds continues, “I should talk to Cedar and Anderson to find out what I should be doing today. So can you get this out of my leg, I’m kind of nailed to the ground here. “

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