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Given that the creators of South Park just signed a $ 900 million contract to produce dozens of films and new seasons for their acclaimed Comedy Central animated show, it’s no surprise that they are among the richest stars in Hollywood. Most South Park fans know that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the masterminds of the show’s success and even voice the vast majority of the characters themselves. But these are not the only two stars.

In truth, only a handful of actors voice the various characters in South Park. But most of these actors have been on the show since it began in 1997. Many of these actors are not stars that people might recognize. Although there is indeed a Saturday Night Live alumnus in the cast that fans don’t even suspect of being on the show. But just because most of the South Park actors are obscure doesn’t mean they haven’t had an incredible career and haven’t made a ton of money. Here are South Park’s richest actors and who they play …

10 Jennifer Howell’s fortune is $ 1-5 million

Jennifer is the voice of Baby in South Park, but she earned most of her money as a producer on the show. According to IMDb, she has also worked on Bob’s Burgers, The Cleveland Show, and Bordertown.


9 April Stewart’s fortune is $ 1-5 million

April Stewart is the woman behind Wendy, Sharon Marsh, Shelley Marsh, Liane Cartman, and many other South Park female characters. In total, she has voiced over 190 episodes of the series. She is also an incredibly prolific voice actress and has appeared on Legends of Korra, The Winx Club, as well as various Marvel and Scooby-Doo projects. While Idol Net Worth claims it is worth an unrealistic $ 235 million, Popular Bio and The Boring Magazine claim it is worth between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

eight Mona Marshall’s fortune is $ 1.6 million

According to NetWorthPost.org, Mona Marshall is worth more than $ 1.6 million. She’s likely worth a lot more as she’s been an outstanding voice actress for decades. She has starred in a large number of Japanese anime, an incredible number of video games, as well as projects such as Digimon. But she is best known for her work in a whopping 212 episodes of South Park, voicing characters like Sheila Broflovski, Linda Stotch and basically every other woman who appears on the show, including celebrities like Paris Hilton.

7 Eliza Schneider’s fortune is $ 8 million

Eliza Schneider is one of the most famous video game voice artists. Among her many games, she has contributed to Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, and Grand Theft Auto. She also voices Sharon Marsh and other women who appear in South Park, including April Stewart as Liana Cartman.

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6 Isaac Hayes’s fortune was $ 12 million

Isaac Hayes is known to have played a cook in South Park in previous years. He would have continued with the character if he hadn’t had a massive spat with the show and its creators. In addition to voicing the chef, the late Isaac Hayes made tons of money during his rewarding career as a music producer, singer, and musician. According to Celebrity Net WorthIsaac also made tons of money writing the iconic Shaft theme.

5 Bill Hader’s fortune – $ 12 million

Bill Hader is the star of Saturday Night Live, who has secretly worked as a writer and voiceover in South Park for years. While the hilarious comedian spends much of his collaboration with the South Park team as a screenwriter, he also voices characters like Farmer Ike and celebrities like Alec Baldwin. Bill, of course, made tons of money as a comedian, producer and actor on TV shows like Barry and films like Trainwreck, The Skeleton Twins, Inside Out, and It: Chapter 2.

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4 Adrian Beard’s fortune is $ 20 million

Although Adrian Beard only voices Token Black on the show and in all its properties (such as video games), he has earned an incredible net worth while working in the South Park art department. From the start of the show, Adrian did the entire storyboard for the show and has climbed the corporate ladder ever since.

3 Trey Parker’s fortune – $ 600

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Trey Parker is worth $ 600 million… He and Matt Stone have basically done all projects together throughout their careers. This obviously includes the creation, production, writing and voiceover of the vast majority of the voices in South Park, as well as Team America: World Police and their $ 500 Broadway show, The Book Of Mormon. The two also produced Kenny VS Spenny. As for his South Park characters, Trey voices Stan, Randy Marsh, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Hankey, Timmy, Ned, and of course Cartman.

2 Matt Stone’s fortune is $ 700 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, South Park co-creator Matt Stone is worth a whopping $ 700 million. But what explains the fact that he is worth $ 100 million more than his business partner and associate Trey Parker? Well, unlike Trey, Matt has not been married or divorced twice and therefore has not lost such a significant amount of money due to settlements and alimony. Matt voices Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Craig, Pip, Jesus and Gerald Broflovski.

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one Elon Musk’s fortune is 266 billion dollars

While it might be a bit of a hoax, the creators of South Park broke one of their biggest rules by allowing one of the richest men in the world to speak out. Usually, all the celebrities portrayed in the series are voiced by Matt and Trey themselves, but this was not the case in those cases when Elon Musk’s character appeared on the series three times. Elon was happy to be parodied on the show, and according to a tweet he posted, he was even happy to voice the character himself.

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