Ray Liotta’s latest cause of death is Goodfellas icon dies in Dominican Republic at age 67 as stars pay tribute to actor

RAY Liotta, the brilliant actor who made his name in Martin Scorsese’s classic crime film The Goodfellas, has passed away.

The star died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic, where he was filming Dangerous Waters. Term.

There was no sign of foul play or anything suspicious about the death, TMZ reported.

Liotta, who was 67 years old at the time of his death, is survived by his daughter Carsen.

He was engaged to Jaycee Nittolo, who was with him during filming.

The cause of death has not yet been reported.

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  • How old was Ray when he died?

    Ray died at the age of 67 in his sleep on May 26.

  • Ray Liotta worked with Jennifer Lopez?

    Between 2016 and 2018, Liotta co-starred with Jennifer Lopez in Shades of Blue.

    The series is a police, procedural, legal and crime drama set in New York City.

  • Goodfellas co-star Joe Pesci on Liotta

    In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Liotta’s Goodfellas co-star Joe Pesci said, “God is a Nice Guy, and so is Ray.”

    Pesci won an Academy Award for his performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Goodfellas, with Ray Liotta playing real-life gangster Harry Hill.

  • Who confirmed the death of Ray Liotta?

    Jennifer Allen, his press secretary, said he died in his sleep and that the cause remains unknown.

  • Seth Rogan: “a true legend”

    Upon learning of Ray Liotta’s death, comedian Seth Rogan took to Twitter to pay tribute to the deceased star.

    He wrote: “Working with him was one of the greatest joys of my career and we filmed some of my favorite scenes that I have ever had the opportunity to shoot. A true legend of incredible craftsmanship and grace.”

  • Goodfellas co-star Robert De Niro issues statement

    Per Termactor Robert De Niro, who starred in The Goodfellas with Ray Liotta, issued a statement saying, “I was very saddened to learn of Ray’s passing. He is too young to leave us.”

  • “Now God Has Ray”

    On Twitter, Ray Liotta’s Field of Dreams co-star Kevin Costner shared his sadness over his friend’s death in a touching tribute along with a scene from the film.

    He tweeted: “Devastated to hear of Ray Liotta’s death.”

  • Scene from “Field of Dreams” posted on Twitter

    BaseballQuotes1’s Twitter account posted on the platform a scene from the movie Field of Dreams, which stars Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta, to pay tribute to the fallen star.

  • “One of the Greatest Scenes”

    BBC presenter David Scott tweeted a clip of what he called “one of the greatest scenes in film history” in memory of Ray Liotta after his death.

  • Gotham City Regrets

    In 2016, the New Jersey native expressed regret for turning down his audition for the role of Tim Burton’s Batman. BBC reported.

    “When I was doing my first movie, Tim Burton was preparing for The Batman and he was interested in me because he wanted it to be edgy and real.

    “I thought, ‘Batman? It’s a stupid idea,” even though he just starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, Beetlejuice. So yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t pass the audition.”

  • Josiah Johnson pays tribute

    Black-and-white actor Josiah Johnson posted a six-second clip of Ray Liotta on Twitter with the caption: “RIP legend Ray Liotta.”

  • Greg Ellis posted a tribute to Liotta

    In a touching tweet, actor Greg Ellis wrote, “What a performance. What a career. What a life. Rest in peace, Ray.”

  • Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to Ray Liotta

    In a touching post, Jennifer Lopez paid tribute to her Shades of Blue co-star Ray Liotta.

    In particular, she wrote: Ray was my partner in crime in Shades of Blue… the first thing that comes to mind is that he was so kind to my kids. Ray was the epitome of a tough guy who was soft on the inside… I think that’s what made him such an attractive actor to watch.”

  • Ray Liotta opens up about divorce

    According to The Guardian, Liotta has always been kind when he talks about his ex-wife.

    He once told the publication, “She’s a wonderful woman and thank God we’re still friends.”

    “She still stays in the house so Carsen can see us together.”

    “You want to give her as much semblance of a family as possible when you’re separated or divorced.”

  • Who is Ray Liotta’s ex-wife Michelle Grace?

    Michelle was born December 4, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.

    Michelle was a producer and actress, according to her IMDb page, and she has produced numerous films that starred her late ex-husband.

    The Rat Pack released in 1998, Narc released in 2002 and Take the Lead released in 2006.

    Also, she is the mother of Ray Liotta’s only child, Carsen Liotta.

  • Lorraine Bracco pays tribute to star

    Goodfellas co-star Lorraine Bracco tweeted of her shock and dismay at the news of Ray Liotta’s death.

    She wrote: “I’m totally shocked to hear this terrible news about my Ray.”

  • When did Jaycee and Ray get engaged?

    On Christmas Day 2020, the Many Saints of Newark actor and his girlfriend got engaged.

    Ray announced his engagement on social media.

    In the caption, he wrote: “Christmas wishes come true. I asked the love of my life to marry me, and thank God she agreed!

    The late actor stood with his girlfriend in front of the Christmas tree in Instagram mail.

  • Liotta’s recent outing with his fiancee

    In the tragic final footage, filmed just days before his unexpected death, Ray Liotta was last seen clasping hands with his girlfriend Jaycee Nittolo.

    Ray, 67, and Jaycee, 46, were seen together in public.

    The two seemed to be having a good time sharing lunch.

    They left the Italian restaurant Spruzzo holding hands and went outside.

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  • Was Ray Liotta Married?

    After meeting at a baseball game where her ex-husband Mark Grace played for the Chicago Cubs, Liotta married actress and producer Michelle Grace in February 1997.

    Before their divorce in 2004, they had a joint daughter.

    Liotta was engaged to Jaycee Nittolo at the time of his death.

  • Ray Carsen’s daughter about her father

    Ray is survived by his daughter Carsen.

    Even though she did not talk about her father’s death, she always spoke highly of him.

    In 2018 she general old images of Ray with loving tribute in social media caption.

    “To the real G. Thank you for teaching me everything I know,” she wrote.

  • Liotta’s latest post on Instagram

    Three days before his death, Ray used Instagram to promote an unusual project called Cocaine Bear.

    The story revolves around a 500-pound bear who uses cocaine and goes on a rampage, endangering an entire village.

    In his caption, he wrote: “Cocaine Bear follows a strange group of cops, criminals, hikers and teenagers gathered in a Georgia woods where a 500-pound apex predator has ingested a staggering amount of white powder and goes for cocaine. fury in search of a new blow – and blood.

  • Fans remember Liotta from The Goodfellas.

    Upon learning of his death, fans took to social media to reminisce about his performances, especially on “The Goodfellas.”

    Single user tweeted: “Ray Liotta’s performance in The Goodfellas is arguably one of the best in film history. He also commanded the screen at every moment in “Field of Dreams”. Such a loss. Rest in peace”.

  • Piers Morgan reacts

    TV presenter Piers Morgan tweeted an image of Ray Liotta from The Goodfellas.

    He wrote, “Brilliant actor, loved him in The Goodfellas. Sad news.”

  • Museum of the Moving Image Pays Tribute

    In a collection of images posted on Twitter, the Museum of the Moving Image pays tribute to the deceased actor.

    “This is the range,” they wrote.

  • Was Ray Liotta Adopted Part Two

    Liotta said he was aware of his adoption as a child and that he gave a talk on the subject in kindergarten.

    In the 2000s, he hired a private investigator to track down his biological mother and learned through her that he was of Scottish descent.

    He is the biological half-brother of one biological sister and the biological half-sister of five biological half-sisters.

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