Raymond Santana opens up about his divorce from Deelishis

Earlier this year, Raymond Santana of Exonerated 5 filed for divorce from Deelishis after nearly two years of marriage. Raymond hasn’t spoken much about their split, but he took to social media on Monday to share a few words.

Sharing a photo of him wearing a hoodie that says “Painted by God”, Raymond said“I think I’m ready to tell my story now…”

He kept talking

“I have been a great HUSBAND and FATHER for kids that weren’t mine… I gave my heart to someone who didn’t deserve me, let alone love me… I know what I bring to the table… I have a lot of LOVE, to give… and I’m here for that… for those who chat there… remember that I’m the one who filed for the divorce… not her.”

He also responded to several comments under his post, and when asked why he mentions children in his post, he said, “Because I’m showing you how dedicated I am to my family.”

He also responded to another comment claiming that Deelishis missed the court session and arrived late to the courtroom.

As previously Raymond reportedly filed for divorce back in March after being married for 20 months, saying their marriage was “irrecoverably ruined with no hope of reconciliation.”

Deelishis took to social media to talk about their relationship at the time, as she called Raymond a narcissist as well as a den and a scammer.

Raymond and Deelishis received enthusiastic towards the end of 2019, and a few months later, in 2020, they got married.

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