Razzlehan: the infamous Wall Street crocodile

The limited series will be told from the perspective of a pair of defendants, as well as others such as hackers and law enforcement, according to Term. Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan are accused of laundering $4.5 billion in stolen bitcoins, and authorities have recovered more than $3 billion. The series follows a young couple who struggle to cash in on a hard drive full of stolen cryptocurrencies. The name “Razzlekhan” is taken from Morgan’s name as a YouTube rapper, and the subtitle “Wall Street Crocodile” is how Morgan called herself online via Forbes.

You can easily find music videos like “Versace Bedouin” on YouTubeand wacky footage provides a lot of visual potential for the upcoming series if they decide to recreate some of the work.

The series may bear some similarities to Amanda Seyfried’s The Fallout, as the show was Searchlight Television’s first production, which is also behind the upcoming crypto series. The company’s other projects include the upcoming “History of the World, Part 2” by Mel Brooks.

The story of Razzlehan and this central couple is being handled by a real husband and wife, one behind the camera as director, while the other takes on the role of Morgan.

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