R&B star R Kelly found guilty in child pornography case

Disgraced R&B star R. Kelly was convicted on federal child pornography charges Wednesday local time for filming videos of him abusing his 14-year-old goddaughter.

The verdict follows a month-long trial in Kelly’s hometown of Chicago, where jurors were shown excerpts from disturbing video footage and heard testimony from the victim, now 37 and identified only as “Jane.”

The jury deliberated for about 11 hours starting Tuesday afternoon before returning with a guilty verdict on six of the 13 counts Kelly faced, including three charges of child pornography. New York Post reports.

In Chicago, a conviction on just one such count carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five to ten years.

This is in addition to a 30-year prison sentence I believe I can fly singer in June after he was found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering in a separate federal case in Brooklyn.

Kelly, 55, was accused of filming his sex with underage girls and of falsifying a 2008 child pornography trial, for which he was acquitted.

On Wednesday, a jury acquitted Kelly of conspiracy charges, arguing that he rigged his previous trial. The jury also found him not guilty on three counts of conspiracy to obtain child pornography, as well as two additional charges of entrapment.

Co-defendant Derrell McDavid, Kelly’s former business manager, was also charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice by falsifying a 2008 trial and two counts of obtaining child pornography. Another co-defendant, Kelly associate Milton Brown, faced charges of conspiring to obtain child pornography. Both were found not guilty on all charges.

The prosecutors stated during the trial that Ignition the singer was a “sexual predator” who used his fame to prey on underage girls and videotape violence.

“Robert Kelly abused many girls over the years,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Pozolo told the jury, giving the dead star’s full name.

“He committed terrible crimes against children. … After all these years, the hidden side of Robert Kelly has come out.”

The evidence against Kelly included graphic videos of the Grammy winner abusing his teenage goddaughter, who testified damningly against him.

“This child, who had no sexual experience in his life, was forced to lie on this floor while that man sitting right there urinated on her,” Ms. Pozolo said in her closing remarks.

“This humiliating act is forever captured on this video. This violence is forever immortalized.”

Jane testified that Kelly had sex with her “countless times”, sometimes along with other teenage girls he asked her to recruit.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s lawyers portrayed prosecution witnesses as “perjury, blackmailers and extortionists”.

Defense attorney Jennifer Bonjean specifically called Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Van Allen, who testified that she stole a sex tape from the singer, as well as one of his former associates, Charles Freeman, who asked him for $1 million to get the incriminating sex back. ribbon. Both testified with immunity.

“They came here to tell the truth about the government’s version,” Ms Bonjean said during her closing speech on Tuesday.

This article originally appeared in New York Post and reproduced with permission

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