Reality TV stars who are in business together behind the scenes.

Celebrities have been entering the business world for a long time. Whether it’s designing fashion lines, creating your own make-up brand, or investing and buying real estate, it’s a very common practice.

Over the past decade, however, the business created by reality TV stars has boomed. While tears, feuds and drama are great fun, there are often strong bonds and lifelong bonds between cast members. Some are family before fame, which forms the solid foundation of their success. For others, it’s probably a long day of filming together that contributes to powerful business partnerships. Here are 8 reality TV stars who are in business together behind the scenes:

8. Kardashian

In 2006, the first dash store was located in Calabasas, California Kim Kardashian. Since then, Kendall and Kylie have joined, the sisters have started many businesses – Good American, KKW Beauty, 818 Tequila, Posh, and Kylie Cosmetics. Although most of them have gone it alone on these projects, they have always been there to help each other by launching limited collections featuring each other and appearing in each other’s advertising campaigns. The family may have paved the way for the stars of reality to make their business dreams possible.

7. Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The Fixer Upper and Happy Couple Chip and Joanna Guinness stars are known for their ability to turn houses. However, the couple also has a series of off-show business plans that ended in 2018. The market includes shops with home decor made by Joanna, which is similar to many of the pieces used in the show. There are also shops, restaurants and live music in the market to create a special experience for their fans. There is also a line on Joanna’s target called the Magnolia Home.

6. Jojo and Jasleen Siva.

Started at Dance Mom in 2014, جوجو۔ And Jasleen Seva was part of the show until 2016 when she signed with Nickelodeon. Not really Abby Lee Miller or the other cast members, JoJo and her mother are now the most successful of them all. Known for its bows, which were originally made by Jasleen, JoJo now has collections of Clare, Walmart, Target, and more, and has been viewed by millions on YouTube.

5. Many Bachelor Nation stars.

Years later, Bachelor The nation has truly become known by its name. With 25 seasons. کنوارہ, Of 17 Bachelorite., And 7 of them Bachelor in Heaven.Hundreds of roses have been given over the years. After leaving the show and becoming a love expert, many cast members have come together to create podcasts. Dean Englert and Jared Haben started. Help me suck in dating. Created by Podcast, Ben Higgins and Ashley Iconite. Almost famous The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Click on the bait.. Beka Kafrin, Caitlin Bristow, and Nick Weil are also all host podcasts where other Bachelor of History contestants are often guests.

4. ‘The Property Brothers’

Jonathan and Drew Scott are another couple known for their success in home renovation. However, his passion for real estate and construction goes far beyond what is on the screen. According to their first brand Scott Living, Joe. Home business, First launched in 2014 with sales of 1 1 billion. They are currently launching Drew and Jonathan Home, which will hit retail stores this fall.

3. Juliana and Bill Rensk.

In the first season, Bill Rank stared and won. Apprentices Back in 2004. He married e-hostess Juliana in 2007, and the two starred in their respective reality shows Juliana and Bill from 2009-2014. During this time, the power duo was also doing business together, such as their RPM Italian restaurant with locations in DC and Chicago. According to Internal”The restaurant has a lot of celebrities, including Barack Obama.”

2. Lisa Wonderpump and Ken Todd

Getting started. The real housewives of Beverly Hills., Lisa Wonderpump was given her own show, Wonderpump Rolls, in which the drama of the employees of one of the hottest restaurants in LA since 2013 is open to the audience. However, SUR is not the only LAS. She actually owns several properties with her husband. Ken Todd.. Owners of restaurants and bars in both Los Angeles and London, they have worked together to make millions. The pair have other businesses, such as their pet accessories brand “Wonderpump Pet” and Lisa’s Wondermoges.

1. Nikki and Bad Bella

Nikki and Bari Bella spent many years performing on the WWE stage and gained a ton of popularity through the show. Total Davis. On which he first appeared in 2013. He later received his own show. Total Davis. In 2016, Nikki and Barry continued their quest for success. The twins later decided to start a business together and now own a clothing line called Birdie B. The line includes active wear, lounge wear, and lingerie and claims to have something for everyone. Bells also has a wine label called Belle Redkey, and her next business plan is a childcare lineup as both are enjoying motherhood.

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