Reason Jonah Hill Did Wolf of Wall Street for Just $60,000

Jonah Hill was paid just $60,000 for his role. The Wolf of Wall Street.but it turns out there’s a very good reason behind the unusually low pay.

that is why…

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Read on to find out.

He first hit our screens as a fresh-faced teenager…

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Her awkwardness, hilarious laugh and crazy hair had us hooked from day one.

A true friend.

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As his career took off he became known for acting alongside comedians such as Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

And of course, he owes his early success to Partially To Judd Apatow.

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Judd cast Yuna in many of his films but always as the goofy best friend or crazy-a** sidekick.

Very bad was an instant hit.

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In 2007, Yuna starred. Very bad With Michael Cera. This come-of-age comedy was said to be the launch pad for the careers of both the young actors. And were they right?

Then came his big supporting role in it Knocked With the hilarious Seth Rogen.

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The romantic comedy grossed $219 million worldwide and was loved by critics and moviegoers alike. “Just do it already.”

He was then seen worshiping Russell Brand Forget Sarah Marshall.

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Cast as a slightly edgy waiter in this feel-good comedy, Jonah manages to capture the essence of a fanatical fan perfectly and adds plenty of extra laughs to his scenes with Russell.

“Jeffrey shouldn’t have.”

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I Take it to the GreeksA spin-off film by Forget Sarah Marshall, Yuna plays Aaron Green, an ambitious executive tasked with getting rock legend Aldous Snow to the Greek Theater for his comeback tour. If you haven’t seen it, let’s just say the journey is not easy.

Branching out into children’s films.

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Yuna was cast in 3 animated films. How to train your dragon, Horton heard a con! And Megamind. With his hilarious voice and energy, he suited these roles perfectly.

I moved into a more dramatic role Cyrus.

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Yuna originally turned down a role Addiction So that he could work on this independent film in 2010. And he was right to do so as this is the film that set the wheels in motion for a huge rebrand and the highly versatile actor he has become today.

He received his first Oscar nomination. Money ball In 2011.

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Co-starring Brad Pitt, Jonah was praised for his portrayal of mathematician Peter Brand in the sports drama. At the time, she shared how much she learned from acting with Brad.

His first production credit with 21 Jump Street.

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Starring alongside Channing Tatum, Jonah both stars in and produces this action/comedy. Did it give him a taste for making films as well as acting in them? We think so.

Of course we had to mention too. 22 Jump Street.

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Sequel to 21 Jump Street, the film was well received like its predecessor. Basically, fans couldn’t get enough of it. And can we blame them for the mysterious Eunice and the handsome Channing. It was a match made in heaven.

Joining the Netflix Revolution

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Again with Emma Stone, a Netflix original Crazy It received mixed reviews but personally, we loved it. A deep psychological comedy, the role gave Yunus an opportunity to use his comedic talents but also portrayed a more complex character suffering from schizophrenia.

His directorial debut.

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Now that he had conquered the film world, Yunus fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a director.

and so Mid 90s was made.

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The biographical drama is set in LA in the 1990s and follows 13-year-old Steve who loves skateboarding and hip-hop. As we expected, this debut drama is brilliant and has been widely appreciated by the critics. Go, Jonah!

His recent film, Don’t look up Got a lot of praise.

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The comedy disaster movie definitely made us stop and think, and somehow Yuna managed to make us hate it at her best.

Speaking of Twitter, Yuna has finally liked a tweet!

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Although Jonah has been on Twitter since February 2011 and has 4.79 million followers, he has never liked another tweet. Until last year.

And that’s it said: “Emma Stone is a strong, emotionally generous actress and the men she’s often cast with are… not.”

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New York Times pop culture reporter Kyle Buchanan recently tweeted about actress Emma Stone’s talent but how the actors cast alongside her are… well, not so great.

But why did Yunus like this tweet?

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A bit odd for his first choice on Twitter, seeing as Jonah himself has worked with Emma in the past and recently.

Some are quick to come to his defense, along with a fan. writing: “This probably means that @JonahHill agrees with what @Calibuchan said about Emma Stone and not so much about the other half of the tweet.”

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We agree, both Jonah and Emma were fantastic in it. Very bad. Comedy Gold. Kyle Buchanan boo you.

And more quickly followed.

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We think Jonah did more with Emma than her respective characters Owen Milgrim and Annie Landsberg in the series. Not to mention the gorgeous Justin Theroux.

Maybe we’re reading too much into this?

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Could Jonah have honestly left out the part about Emma’s bum male counterparts? Or maybe he got it, and found it funny? He is a comedian after all.

Either way we are not convinced that Jonah was digging.

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Well, definitely not on Emma Stone. Maybe in Kyle. Well, he deserved it.

Yuna is sincere with her admiration for Emma.

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Jonah first said About his love for Emma as a friend and co-star. It’s clear that these 2 love working together.

And the feeling seems to be mutual.

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At the London premiere of CrazyEmma said about her reunion with Jonah saying how long it was overdue. We agree with Emma. How could you leave us hanging since then? Very bad?

talking about Very bad

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Yuna recently dropped a bombshell about her time working on the film, and how she didn’t get along with the cast earlier.

During the audition process, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill arrived with Mintz-Plasse trying out for the iconic role of McLovin.

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Recalling that moment, Yunus said Vanity Fair Mintz-Plasse had a “really, really amazing off-bat,” but added: “And I think that was really bothering me at that point.”

Producer Judd Apatow recalled that Mintz Plas was “very caustic”, stating that he often “attacked Jonah and insulted Jonah.”

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Seth Rogen, who was cast as Officer Michaels, also opened up about the friction: “Jonah hated it right away. He was like, ‘F**** with my rhythm.’ “I couldn’t perform with that guy.”

Apatow even shared his concerns with Hill at the time, saying: “I don’t want him to do that,” but Apatow responded: “That’s exactly why we’re hiring him. It couldn’t be more perfect. The fact that it bothers you is exactly what we want.

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While they may not have clicked at first, I think we can all agree that McIlvan couldn’t have been played by anyone else.

And now more news has come out about it. 22 Jump Street The star

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And that’s because he got paid less than his co-star DiCaprio.

DiCaprio walked away with $10 million…

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While Hills walked out with just $60,000.

For most 9-to-5 workers, this is the check they want.

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But for leading actors, $60,000 is not much for a movie.

The reason is very simple…

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He wanted to work with director Martin Scorsese.

He was more than happy to be paid the bare minimum to ensure he could play the role ahead of anyone else.

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He first talked about the verdict…

To say it was never about the money. Rather, it was about working with Scorsese.

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Back in 2014, Hill spoke out about the issue. The Howard Stern Show.

Hill said: “They gave me the lowest amount.”

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He explained how he was eager to work with Scorsese, saying, “It was his offer and I said, ‘I’ll sign the papers tonight. Fax them the papers tonight.’ “I want to sign them tonight before they change their minds. I want to sign them before I go to bed tonight so they can’t legally change their minds.”

He continued: “I will sell my house and give him all my money to work for him.”

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And it turns out that Scorsese’s decision to pay less to work with was a good one…

As the film was crowned the best film in 2013 and went on to win multiple Oscars.

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Since then, Hill has had the opportunity to work with Scorsese again.

What are your thoughts?

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