Rebel Wilson says former co-star tried to ‘ruin’ her career

Rebel Wilson said her former co-star molested her and then tried to ruin her career.

And this happened after the actress said that her management team did not agree with her weight loss.

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So, we’ve all heard of Rebel Wilson, right?

Of course have!

Rebel Wilson is a 40-year-old Australian actress best known for her funny supporting roles in movies.

Working as a comedian on and off stage, her performances quickly won over audiences due to their self-deprecating nature.

You know when characters in movies have a particularly sentimental moment in one scene and then another comes along with a very bad but hilarious line that completely ruins that moment?

Well, this is the role of the Rebel almost all she does.

Her first major role was in bridesmaids

She played Kristen Wiig’s roommate, Brynn, and reviews of the film were exceptional, with some even calling it a classic “not to be missed” chick movie.

After that, Rebel entered the door of Hollywood well and truly.

The Australian actress became a talking point and her acting career was just getting started and the world became her oyster.

Her most famous role was to be in Pitch perfect films.

The character brought viewers so much happiness and talk about Rebel’s skills as he grew as an actor.

You all remember Fat Amy, right?

The noisy heroine won the hearts of the audience with her cheerful antics and strong singing.

Her positive outlook and outspokenness quickly made people love her.

She also didn’t care how she looked, hence the nickname “Fat Amy”.

However, over the years, Rebel began to take more care of her body.

There was nothing wrong with her generallybut the actress decided she wanted to be healthier and so changed her daily routine to achieve her desired body type.

Speaking in an interview, Rebel once said, “It was really good to be unique and different. The first time I walked into my agent’s office, they looked at me and said, “Wow, we don’t have people like you.”

“And they signed me up on my second day here… I would never want to compete with what I call ‘glamorous’ — really great people. I’m talking about the brain, the heart and what’s inside. I am very lucky to have such a physique.”

The actress also explained that she has “a hormonal imbalance in her body,” which means she tends to eat regardless of her mood.

We all know about the consequences of overeating, right? But Rebel said she had it all the time. She had a love-hate relationship with food.

After only a few months of doing her new routine, Rebel lost thirty five pounds.

This drove her fans crazy, wondering how she did it.

While she claimed to have started her journey in 2016, there seems to have been a drastic change over the past few years.

And she regularly updates her fans on her progress, especially during the pandemic.

In her Instagram post, she said, “Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going, it’s worth it. Try to put in a little effort each day… I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you get annoyed at the lack of progress… but good things are coming your way.”

But her weight loss didn’t stop there, as it did while filming the very disappointing cats

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Rebel told Entertainment Tonight that in just 4 days she lost over 3 kilos. “I lost 8 pounds shooting my number in 4 days,” she said, before revealing that the temperature on set was reaching nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Firstly, because there’s a lot of physicality… but also, they heated up the set very much, to almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so we could never cool down.”

She also did fitness very jokes aside…

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And motivates her followers with photos and videos of her exercising and keeping fit in many places around the world.

It seems like Rebel has been working really hard on her health…

But her team didn’t seem to be interested at first.

Rebel said her management was against her weight loss at first, as she was making money “by being a funny fat girl.”

And people are angry about it…

The rebel spoke to BBC about his decision to “transform and change” his life.

She told the publication that when she decided to “physically transform,” her team was “strongly resisted.”

“In fact, here in Hollywood, I got a lot of opposition from my own team when I said, ‘I’m going to have this year of health, I really feel like I’m going to physically transform and change my life,'” she said. said.

Her team is said to have wondered “why” she would want to physically transform.

“And they’re like, ‘Why? Why do you need it? Because I made millions of dollars being a funny fat girl and being that kind of person.”

She explained to the publication that “while I was still very confident about getting bigger,” she knew that some of her “eating habits” were “unhealthy.”

“Despite the fact that I was still very confident that I was bigger and loved myself, that I could swing on the red carpet, being twice as big and three times as heavy as other actresses, I still felt confident about it,” said she is.

“But deep down, I knew that some of my emotional eating habits weren’t healthy.”

She also admitted that she used foods to drown out her emotions.

“Like I didn’t need a can of ice cream every night,” she said. “It was that I was blunting emotions with food, which was not the healthiest thing.”

And now she’s opened up about her former co-star, who she says sexually harassed her…

And then she tried to ruin her career.

In an interview with People in Pitch perfect The actress revealed that a male co-star in one of the films she starred in called her into a room and then dropped his pants.

“He called me into the room and pulled down his pants,” she said, without giving his name. The actress then said that he asked her to do an inappropriate act in front of his friends.

“It was horrible and disgusting,” she told the magazine. “And all the behavior after that – all of that was before #MeToo – when they were kind of trying to ruin me and my career. If that happened after #MeToo, I might just blow them up.”

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But Wilson didn’t just leave it out, stating that because she’s a “lawyer,” she “documented it.”

“Definitely in industry circles, I made sure people knew what happened,” she explained to the publication.

“Why did I stay in that situation… with this terrible guy?

“I had to leave. It wasn’t worth it. But at the same time, I thought, “Okay, do the right thing, be professional and finish the movie.” Now I would never do that,” she continued.

“I thought even complaining to my agency was a big step. And complain to the studio. I found out that I was the fourth person to complain about this guy. Such rude behavior, but many women have had much worse.

“If it happened again, I would probably stand up for myself even more just because of the courage of other women who stood up and now gave me the opportunity,” she admitted.

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