Rebel Wilson was created by Hugh Sheridan along with Ramona Agruma.

The mysterious friend who introduced Rebel Wilson to her girlfriend Ramona Agrumah has come out, saying they are real matchmakers.

Rafters star Hugh Sheridan revealed they played matchmaker in Rebel Wilson’s unexpected new relationship with Ramona Agrumah.

Speaking to 2Day FM’s Husey, Ed and Erin this morning, Sheridan, 36, who is non-binary and uses the they/them pronouns, said they’ve been trying to set Rebel and Ramona up with other people “for years” without success.

“I think even Ramona and I almost tried a couple of years ago,” Sheridan joked.

Don’t get used to pointing Cupid’s arrow five bedrooms the star admits that they have helped some friends in the past.

“In my spare time I am a bit of a matchmaker, I like to set people up and I have a very good success rate. There are several marriages,” they boasted.

“The Rebel was very difficult (to set up) and so was the Ramona,” they explained.

“Ramona is very smart, she speaks many languages… and Rebel is very smart. I was in New York, I just broke up with my ex, and I was really sad, and Rebel said, “I just can’t imagine how you feel, because I’ve never been in love before,” and I thought, hell. it’s hard to crack.

“But then the thought occurred to me that maybe I was looking in the wrong place. I think that such a successful woman needs a very strong man… But a woman with a successful woman, maybe they will just lift each other up… Then I immediately thought of Ramona.

“I said… Give me a minute… and later I told Rebel it was a girl,” they said, adding that the actress was willing to try.

“They talked for about a week and Rebel came back from Australia to meet her and they’ve been together ever since! Another one on the stairs!

“I’m kind of like their beard!” they joked.

When asked how serious they were, Sheridan said, “For Rebel to come out and say what she said, they are very serious together.”

Today, Rebel Wilson announced herself as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, introducing her new girlfriend to fans.

“I thought I was looking for a Disney prince… but maybe all this time I really needed a Disney princess.” Pitch perfect The actress captioned an Instagram selfie on Thursday with new flame Ramona Agrum.

In May, Wilson teased that she was “happy” in the relationship, but did not reveal her partner’s identity.

“Now I’m happy in a relationship,” she said on a Jordana Abraham and Jared Freud podcast. U up. “I met them at a friend’s house.”

Wilson, 42, added that she looked for love on dating apps but ended up meeting her new soulmate through a buddy.

“I was turning on and off in the Raya app, but it was set up by a friend,” she said, without naming Sheridan. “He’s known us both for at least five years and thought we’d get along – and we did!”

The couple hid in plain sight, as senior year In fact, the star took Agrumah as her date to the Vanity Fair Oscars party in March.

Ramona is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of LEMON VE LIMON, an eco-friendly clothing company.

She is also a brand ambassador for Bee Goddess Jewelery.

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