Rebel Wilson’s SMH ‘walk’ is an absolute disaster

News of Rebel Wilson’s same-sex relationship was overshadowed by a bizarre self-inflicted scandal that sparked outrage around the world.

The news that Rebel Wilson is in a new relationship with a woman was overshadowed over the weekend by a bizarre outing controversy in the Sydney Morning Herald.

SMXPrivate Sydney gossip columnist Andrew Hornery wrote incredibly salty column posted on Saturday in which he revealed he had a scoop about Wilson’s new same-sex relationship.

But, he said, he made a “big mistake” by emailing her team asking them to confirm the new relationship, giving her a 48-hour deadline to respond.

Wilson then announced it herself on Instagram, “deciding to flaunt” Hornery’s story (his words) by going public with her girlfriend.

“Given how bitterly Wilson complained about poor journalism standards when she successfully sued Women’s Day as far as defamation is concerned, her decision to ignore our discreet, sincere and honest questions was, in our opinion, disappointing, ”complained Hornery.

It was a breathtakingly correct position, claiming the right to reveal the sexuality of another person. In fact, the entire article seethed with barely concealed resentment towards Wilson, which may somehow explain why she did not trust the writer to reveal such confidential information and instead chose to reveal the news herself.

The reaction of social media users was stormy. And for a lot of queer people, it feels personal; emotional. So many of us have been exposed against our will at some point in our lives – it’s a terrifying, revealing feeling, and it feels the same whether you’re a closeted student trying to make it through high school intact or with a Hollywood story. The movie star wonders how this might affect your family, your career, your life.

It is strange that Hornery and the new SMX editor Bevan Shields, both gay men apparently never stopped to consider this easily predictable reaction before publishing the article.

Hornery reports that this is Rebel’s first same-sex relationship. Who knows when, and even if, she wanted to tell the world. But regardless of SMX wrote to her in this e-mail, she seems to feel she must confess before they do it for her.

And then, when the outrage hit the international headlines, Got a note from editor Bevan Shields.

Not an apology – far from it. Turns out we all just misread the article. Shields stated that Hornery’s article was “off-the-shelf news”.

“Like other top managers every day, we just asked questions and, as standard practice, gave a deadline for a response. I have not yet made a decision about whether to publish and what, and Heraldthe decision on what to do would be based on any answer from Wilson,” Shields wrote.

But didn’t Hornery himself admit that it was a “great mistake” to even warn Wilson before publishing the story?

By the end of this editor’s note, one gets the distinct impression that it is Shields who is expecting an apology from everyone offended by this article.

Amid all this, Wilson made one brief public comment, responding to one supporter on Twitter who called SMXshe wrote that it was “a very difficult situation”, but she “tried to handle it with grace”.

At least there is someone.

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