Rehana teases All Star lineup including Gigi Hadid, Normani and Sabrina Carpenter in ‘Sewage X Fantasy’ trailer

Global icon and Recently declared a billionaire. ریہانہ In recent years, it has shifted its focus from the dominance of the pop music industry to becoming a popular and comprehensive trend brand.

The first two. Wild X Fantasy. Catwalk shows were streamed on Amazon Prime in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Wide acceptance. As a hard-working star, Rihanna not only created a show to model her lingerie line, but also a television special that included a host of musical performances, behind the scenes, and a ton of celebrities.

Now, the singer-turned-woman has announced the third installment of her fashion show in her teaser trailer on her social media platform. Premiere on Amazon Prime on September 24, Wild X Fantasy Volume 3 Promising to be the bravest so far, has already gathered excitement on the internet with its All-Star lineup.

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Among the colorful and unusual looks of the show, its prominent models and musical guests were also announced in the new trailer. Along with modeling stars Emily Ritzakowski and Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid is also set to star in the Dawn Savage X-Fantry on Catwalk. And the show’s performer lineup includes Normani and. Sabrina Carpenter., Which will present its first television show.

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Carpenter’s fans are especially excited to see the actress performing the song “Skin” in the show. One Twitter user said, “I’m so happy and excited for Sabrina, we all know how much she loves and appreciates Rihanna”, while another Expected So that the star connects behind the scenes with Normani and Gigi Hadid.

Stands in front and in the center. Wild X Fantasy Volume 3 There were trailers RuPaul’s drag race. Stars Simon and Gotmick suggest that this year’s show will continue its trend of promoting diversity and representation in fashion, with its vibrant visuals and jaw-dropping choreography.

However, some Twitter users were disappointed when there was no mention of Nikki Minaj in the new trailer. Recently, “Super Boss” rapper and Rehana were spotted hanging out together, and fans thought they might be planning a cameo from Manaj at the annual Runway Special.

One user wrote, “Why was Nikki with Rehana if she’s not on a fantasy show? What does she do all year?” While others hoped that the star could still give an amazing shape.

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