Reports warn HBO Max is about to be gutted

Although not confirmed Wrapper reports that some at Warner Bros. Discovery believes a major shake-up for HBO Max is imminent. Of course, the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ has already been discussed, as well as all the revisions that come with it (via Diversity). The report points out that David Zaslav is handing over more oversight to HBO Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys, as well as the possibility that he oversees the streaming service that leads to the HBO Max and Discovery+ merger.

TheWrap report cites an anonymous insider: “Everyone at Warner Bros. Discovery are nervous at the moment, and [they’re] are starting to look for alternate work options in case they get the axe… Looks like they’re not doing HBO Max scripted shows anymore and HBO is taking over, so there are fewer scripted shows overall.”

If nighttime activities are any indication, this may be the case. According to variety, HBO Max quietly produced several Warner Bros. exclusives. for streaming without anyone watching yet (although they can still be rented or bought from third-party video-on-demand sites). What this means for the long-term future of so many fans on HBO Max – from Doom Patrol to Our Flag Means Death season 2 – remains to be seen.

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