Reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Have Critics Revel in Intergalactic Holiday Mood

Looks like Drax and Praying Mantis’ heist is destined for a resounding success. As of press time, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Edition has received an 89% approval rating on rotten tomatoesand only two critics declined a 100% score.


Leading the charge of applause rolling stoneDavid Fear, who affectionately compared the special to the Star Wars Holiday Special, but wished director James Gunn leaned a little more towards the more down-to-earth aspects he desires. ” guardians films have always operated in the more absurd corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – irreverence has been built into the band’s onscreen existence from day one – giving Gunn a win-win situation of sorts when it comes to litigation,” he wrote. he also added that it has everything a fan could want when it comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy special during the holiday season.

Diversity Jordan Moreau praised the film even higher. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is filled with fun, sweet Christmas cheer and is one of the best content Marvel Studios has released in years,” he said. Moreau praised the film for shedding light on Drax and the Mantis Close Bond and giving it a very high rating.

Another critic excited about the film was Hollywood Reporter Angie Khan, who noted that the film was clearly made to excite fans with the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but enjoyed it anyway. “It’s funny enough to provoke loud laughter, and poignant enough to cause a telltale sting in the eyes, if not enough to bring tears,” she wrote.

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