Rhea Royce from House Of The Dragon must have just set some kind of Westeros record

As mentioned earlier, and in the world of Westeros this is a running joke, no real character is immune from the cold embrace of death. Between natural tragedies, poor understanding of medicine, treacherous politics, and exposure to poisons, some characters may be introduced only to be suddenly killed. Again, this is one of the main features of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. What makes Lady Royce so special is that she has been referenced several times, and in the few moments she appears on screen, she comes across as quite a noblewoman who doesn’t want to be treated as such, and human who is more than capable of handling herself.

Unfortunately, she has probably earned the dubious reputation of being an important character who dies almost as quickly as she is made out to. She doesn’t look like the occasional Lannister soldier who enjoyed a bit of flatulence-based humor, or any of the unnamed Maultowners killed during a wildling attack on Game of Thrones. Lady Royce of Runestone is a noblewoman, a skilled huntress, the wife of a prince (whom she despises), and she holds titles. Although the character quickly made her mark in a short amount of time, the fact that she was killed by Damon when he scared her horse and she fell and broke her neck, only for Damon to land a fatal blow with a rock, certainly makes a difference. far-reaching consequences of the growing struggle for power in the “House of the Dragon”. Too bad we won’t see Lady Rhea Royce again.

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