RHOA Star Kandy Burruss & Todd Tucker, The Highs and Lows of Marriage, Explained

Real housewives The series has always had a high entertainment value, portraying many dramatic relationships, and when Kandy Burruss and Todd Tucker opened up their lives while the cameras rotated Real Housewives of Atlanta things got really hot. They were the most unsuspecting couple to join the show, especially considering that Todd was part of the production team and didn’t have to interact with Kandy at all on a personal level.

Fans loved watching their relationship go from dating to engagement and eventually wedding, and sharing all the details of their marriage with viewers who were tuning in. Some of their family stories were quite juicy …

10 Todd Tucker was willing to risk it all for Kandy Burruss from day one

It was love at first sight for Todd Tucker, who was immediately willing to risk everything for Kandy’s affection. Their relationship couldn’t exist as long as he was part of the RHOA film crew, and in an incredible leap of faith, he quit his job in pursuit of the opportunity to date her. Leaving the company was a big decision for Todd and a true testament to his sincere feelings for Kandy. Eventually, the company hired him to work on another show, and he was able to keep his job while continuing to develop his relationship.

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9 Details of the marriage of Kandy Burruss and Todd Tucker revealed to the public

Kandy and Todd had to come to terms with the fact that all the details related to their life together were documented by the media and widely circulated on television and on the Internet. Their personal lives were open to viewers from the start, and they really couldn’t keep their privacy. Determined to use this to their advantage, Kandy and Todd have spoken openly about their family details and even starred in a spin-off show called Kandy’s Wedding, which detailed the details of their relationship.

eight Their engagement was a long-term experience.

Kandy and Todd gave viewers many reasons to talk, especially since they loved such a long and drawn out interaction process. Todd asked this question in early 2013 and fans were thrilled with the news of what they were about to see. ROA wedding. However, the couple waited a full 15 months before they even started collecting the details of their wedding. This lengthy experience added drama as they struggled to organize their wedding at the last minute.

7 Kandy Burruss and Todd Tucker’s marriage contract

There is a significant difference between Kandy Burruss’ and Todd Tucker’s net worth, and this was the source of some tense conversations before they tied the knot. The cameras worked while Kandy, Todd, and their legal representatives worked on drafting a prenuptial agreement that would suit everyone. Kandy’s net worth of $ 30 million was significantly higher than Todd’s estimate of $ 400,000, and they did not hold back in discussing the process of reaching an agreement.

In the end, they agreed that everyone would keep their finances in their own hands, and the money earned would be divided among themselves. Kandy also made it clear that she would not pay child support to her spouse if they ended up dissolving their marriage.

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6 Todd Tucker Supports The Marriage By Continuing The Chase

Todd Tucker has a delightful way to keep Kandy alive throughout their marriage, and allows fans to unleash his secret skills. In an effort to maintain a strong relationship, he continues to “stalk” his wife and let her know that she is desired. He is not shy about giving her flowers just like that. In one case, his flowers were accompanied by a postcard with the inscription: “Pursue her. Even if it is already yours. ” Kandy responded by saying, “The chase is still ongoing and I love it! I love you”.

5 Todd criticized Kandy for not always looking her best

Despite their best efforts, not everything was easy for Todd Tucker and Kandy Burruss. They had their share of hectic moments, in one of which Todd scolded Kandy for not taking care of her appearance. Todd admitted that he doesn’t like the hair cap that Kandy wears to protect her locks. He hinted that the cap was not conducive to romance in the bedroom, and fans watched this awkward exchange of opinions.

4 The marriage of Todd Tucker and Kandy Burruss: marriage problems

Kandy and Todd experienced a marriage breakup after briefly separated. There was an episode in Season 12 that discussed the fact that they drifted apart after the demands of their career confused their priorities and influenced their time together. Todd spoke before the contract: “I think we were so focused on success that we became great business partners. We love each other to death, but lately we just haven’t had time to be happy together. , “

3 There were some flaws in their intimate life.

Kandy and Todd’s usually tumultuous intimate life seemed to cool off briefly, and the couple voiced their disappointment in front of their fans. They admitted that they had survived a dry spell in the bedroom, and their frequency of hanging out behind closed doors seemed to have diminished slightly. Their interaction with each other was described by Kandy as “not as good as before.” The couple turned to a consultant for advice and are back on track.

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2 Mixed family of Kandy Burruss and Todd Tucker

Reuniting families is not always a quick and easy process, but Kandy and Todd showed the world that when it comes to bringing their loved ones together, they really have what it takes. Each of them had a child from a previous relationship. Kandy is the mother of a daughter named Riley, and Todd has a daughter named Kaela. Their daughters were introduced to each other and are now perfectly integrated into their mixed home. This success story is a true testament to their dedication to each other on a deeper level and the couple conceived two children together.

one Miscarriage of surrogate mother Todd Tucker and Kandy Burruss

The season 12 premiere episode revealed that Kandy Burruss and Todd Tucker were expecting the twins as surrogate mothers, but their good news quickly turned into tragedy when they returned to notify their fans that one of the babies had not been born. Kandy stated that “one of them did not proceed” and then stated; “At first I was sad, but then I just had to be grateful that he did it.” Having experienced the most incredible ups and downs in life, Todd and Kandy have proven time and time again that they really have what it takes to keep their marriage together and support each other.

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