‘RHOBH’ Reunion and Michael Myers Are ‘Terrifying’

Scary night! Kyle Richards. Rather, we will try and move forward. Halloween Murder Villain Michael Myers Stuck in a room with some of it The real housewives of Beverly Hills. Costar

” [RHOBH] Reunion is terrible in a different way, “said the 52-year-old star. We are weekly. Compare horror movies to reality shows earlier this month. “When we shoot Reunion, we’re in bed two days later. No cast can work for two days. So, it’s flowing on another level. But nothing terrible.” Michael Myers.. ”

TV star, who actually played. Lindsay Wallace in 1978 Halloween, Redefined his role in the latest episode of the franchise, Halloween Murder, Which will hit theaters on Friday, October 15. His role in the Bravo series, however, can sometimes be as tiring as running away from a movie villain.

Kyle Richards: 'Michael Myers' is less' draining' than RHOBH 'reunion in pursuit of Halloween Kills

Kyle Richards at Halloween Kills. Universal Pictures / YouTube

“I can tell you that Michael Myers can chase me into a swamp where crocodiles and snakes are legally present, and feel less tired and dry than at that time. I reunite with housewives.Richards explained. New York Post Wednesday, October 13

Of Small house on the prairie. Alum, reunited with Costar on screen. Jamie Lee Curtis. For the first time in 40 years Halloween Murder, Previously reported. We What was it really like to make a horror movie this time?

One of the most disturbing moments is the scene in the swamp where the killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle) Chases his character through a park at the end of the night..

“It’s dark, but I had to go to this swampy area. Even before signing the dotted line to do this film, the director shook my head that there are crocodiles in the area and that they are there to protect me. Will do and will make sure they are not around me at the moment, “Richards said exclusively. We In October.

Mother of four, Who broke his nose while making a thriller.Men with flashlights checked the water to make sure there were no visible alligators during filming.

“I went to the alligator handler with the rod with the loop. And I was like, ‘How’s this going? Is there a chance it’s really going to be a crocodile?’ I would be more upset if I were with snakes. “And I was just like, ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ So between this and that. Michael Myers followed.I mean, yeah, that’s awful.

Kyle Richards: 'Michael Myers' is less' draining' than RHOBH 'reunion in pursuit of Halloween Kills

Kelly Richards and Kathy Hilton. Nicole Wingert / Bravo.

Richards joked about the horrible side of it. RHOBH Costars, some of them were with him. Premiere for Halloween Murder Tuesday, October 12. Former Costar. Teddy Mellon Camp. Los Angeles hit the red carpet with Richards Kathy Hilton, لیزا رننا۔ And Dort Camley., All of whom were dressed in costumes.

Halloween Murder, Which are also stars. Judy Greer, Anthony Michael Hall. And Andy Mitchick.Will hit theaters on Friday, October 15. It will also be streamed exclusively on Moore.

Of The real housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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