RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke’s Shady Met Gala Bombshell left fans stunned!

In a recent episode of Real housewives. Of Beverly Hills, Erica Jane and Crystal Kingmankov. Stun went to Streak’s low profile. However, a throwback photo of the 2011 Met Gala served as ammunition for the final clipback of the Southern Ballet.

Where the drama begins.

In the wake of Sutton’s reluctance to help Erica through legal troubles, Beautiful dirt. The author criticizes Sutton’s point of view. Referring to it as ‘Miss Small Town’ at the beginning of Lisa Ranna’s beauty line.Erica scolded the shop owner for worrying about her reputation at the cost of their friendship.

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The conversation later took place at the home of Krystal Kingmankov, where Erica alleged that despite being a member of a country club like Sutton, she had never heard of him.

Crystal quickly said she hadn’t heard of him.

Ballet, the smallest town in the world!

However, the ‘we don’t know’ moment seems to have backfired. In honor of the 2021 Matt Gala – also known as the biggest night of fashion, hosted by Vogue and difficult to attend in the infamous era – Sutton published a throwback photo proving that although Her fellow stars would not have known RHOBH before this, Anna Venture certainly did!

To make matters more interesting, Sutton shared in an Instagram comment that he was invited this year., Too – even though she was unable to attend. Considering how intimate the guest list was this year., We would say it’s very impressive in itself!

If telling him that he had made a list of the most wanted guests in the fashion world was not enough, Sutton also cast a shadow over Bravo’s head hancho Andy Cohen while she was on it. Sutton not only attended the 2011 Met Gala, but according to him, the event marked his first meeting with Andy.

“You won’t miss,” he wrote, “but I’ll never forget!” Emoji in a kiss!

Fans react to Sutton’s shadowy throwback

Given the revelation of the bombing, it is hardly a shock that fans on both Twitter and Instagram were shocked. However, apart from all the comments referring to Erica and Crystal, one emotion reigned supreme: Sutton held his shadow in nothing but grace.

Of Sutton. Tagline This season, “Anyone who doubts my wonderful manners can kiss my wonderful deer” Never be more truthful!

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Sutton and Garsell together.
‘RHOBH’ Mid Season Drama: That’s what fans are saying about Sutton and Garsell.

Although the trailer gives us a glimpse into the good times to come, it also hints at the second half of the season’s upcoming drama.

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