RHOC Heather Dubrow threatens Shannon Bidor not to interbreed again

Shannon and Heather try to mend their friendship, but Heather has a harsh warning to her fellow housewife.

RHOC Heather Dubrow threatens Shannon Bidor not to interbreed again

Heather Dubrow was not shy about words when she threatened housewife Shannon Bidor on Wednesday’s episode. The Real Housewives of Orange County… Heather says that if Shannon ever crosses her family one more time, it will be “expensive” and that she will protect her family “to the end.”

Shannon pulled out her mouth, making Heather feel betrayed.

The rude warning came as the two sat at a party in front of the bar for Emily Simpson’s husband. trying to reconcile their friendship… Heather fell out with Shannon after telling co-stars Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson that Nicole James was suing her husband Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, for failed breast augmentation surgery.


This news upset Heather not only because she was unaware of the lawsuit, but also because Shannon showed it at the first acting event of the season… This was Heather’s first season since she left. RHOC in 2016.

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Gina kept opening her mouth about this to Heather during her big sushi party, causing her to go into hysterics and kick everyone out. Heather was furious that Shannon told the rest of her co-stars.

Shannon told Heather that she was “scared” of what happened and that she “screwed up.” She claimed that she made a mistake, but remained a faithful friend, to which Heather replied that she could “forgive her”, but did not know if she “trusted her”.

Heather warned Shannon not to mess with my family again.

Talking about what happened, Heather revealed how upset she was, saying that she thought they were friends, but her actions seemed like “big fuck.”

Heather told Shannon that if she ever goes after herself or her family members again, she will “lose much more than just” her companionship. Heather continued by saying that it would “be costly” and that her words were not just threats; they were promises.

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Heather made sure Shannon knew she would protect her family “to the end.”

Heather didn’t stop there; the housewife also told Shannon that she wanted her to apologize to her husband Terry as well. Heather grabbed Terry from the party and Shannon made him a sincere apology, which he accepted. Terry said he thought it would be nice for them to leave.

After the exchange, Shannon went inside and told her boyfriend John Janssen about what had happened and how she felt threatened, to which he replied, “I don’t like this.”

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