Rick and Morty Actor Fans Desperate to See Rick Play Live

on reddit, u/MaxxFisher suggested Jason Mantzoukas as a candidate for the role of Rick, receiving over 8,000 votes. The actor is known for his television roles as Rafi on The League, Marco on No Activity, Adriana Pimento on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Derek Hofstetler on The Good Place. impersonate Rick? Redditor you / jvicks22 noted that Mantzoukas definitely has the manic energy needed to play the role of Rick. Redditor u/D-Rich-88 added that the actor also has a track record of successfully playing characters that are wacky, evil and hilarious. Mantzoukas often portrays characters who are so dynamic that they overshadow the scene, similar to how Rick tends to dominate situations and lead much of the show’s humor.

While he certainly portrayed scientists who are unique, humorous, and important, Mantzoukas’ characters aren’t always the most colorful, which may worry some fans considering who should play Rick live. However, on Reddit you/the_dayman pointed out a reason why this shouldn’t be a concern: Mantzoukas is also the co-host of a bad movie podcast where he appears to be very smart and reasonable.

Finally, Mantzoukas definitely bears a fair amount of resemblance to Rick. He has messy hair, prominent eyebrows, a dramatic facial expression, and a humorous manner. He might need a lab coat, white hair, and a bit of makeup to make him look older, but with those elements of movie magic, he could probably look convincing as Rick.

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