‘Rick and Morty’ fans are arguing over whether the series needs a Halloween special

Although Rick and Morty was released on Halloween anime short filmThey haven’t had a Halloween episode yet. on reddit, u/ReallySmartInEnglish raised the question of why there was no Halloween episode of Rick and Morty given that the show aired specials for other holidays. Of course, fans were excited about this possibility and offered ideas of what to include in the Halloween episode. u/BatofZion suggested that Jerry might actually have climbed into the Halloween decorations and accidentally pissed off the paper bat-like alien. you / jessibona suggested that Rick might be too lazy to buy Halloween candy so he makes his own, which ends up turning the kids into real monsters.

Despite the enthusiasm of many fans for a Rick and Morty Halloween episode, others doubted it would ever happen. you / wolfey200 claimed that the show did not have a Halloween episode: ā€œProbably because Halloween is not a family holiday. Rick’s battle takes place between the fact that he knows there are an infinite number of versions of his family, but his dead and growing unwanted and unnecessary attachment to the family he lives with. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a battle for him because [of] this dilemma. Halloween doesn’t hurt Rick emotionally.” It’s certainly true: Christmas and Thanksgiving can be the best backdrops for exploring Rick’s emotional landscape. to.

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