Rick and Morty fans think they caught an interesting color bug

redditor u/Spamboi13 started a thread on the Rick and Morty subreddit where they asked others if they noticed a coloration bug in the season 3 episode “Morty’s Mindblasters”. In this scene, Rick, having accidentally erased both his own and Morty’s memories, is trying to figure out what the pipes they are surrounded by are for. He picks up the pink phone, but it turns blue when the next frame of the show shows him next to Morty. The most voted answer in the thread commented on the most likely reason why this happened. The comment in question belongs to Redditor u/T3mpicwonders “It’s either covered in pink juice or it’s just an editing/animation error.”

Animation shows tied to tight deadlines and tight budgets date back to the days of Hanna-Barbera cartoonssuch as “Scooby Doo.” Even more recent shows like The Simpsons have their fair share of nasty moments. While there’s no way to know for sure, it could very well be the case at this point, in particular as the tube stays blue all the time when streaming an episode on Hulu or HBO Max. This means there may have been some minor editing before the episode was posted to the streamers.

Others have gone even further in their beliefs about what a pink bottle could be. redditors like u/seanthebeloved as well as you/KingFry5 trust that there is more to this detail, as the episode shows us earlier that the color of the pipes is associated with the memories of different people under different circumstances. So should this pink color be perceived as such? As convoluted and nuanced as Rick and Morty is, it’s certainly worth considering.

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