Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 3 funny reference to the greatest first-person shooter of all time

During the launch and menu of the fake video game Street Fighter, one of the gameplay options is a mode called “slaps only”. This is actually a reference to a very fun option in the Nintendo 64’s “GoldenEye” multiplayer mode. If you’re old enough to play this game, you’ll probably fondly remember building four N64 controllers for four-player battles on split screen. Setting up multiplayer games for “GoldenEye” is one of the most enduring aspects of the game, as players would select available weapons before matches. Other options were “Power Weapons”, which used the most powerful weapons in the game, such as the RCP-90, and options that included various forms of explosive mines. Of course, “slaps only” meant that no weapons were available and the combatants would have to beat each other to death. Ah, memories!

Speaking with Difficult, GoldenEye director Martin Hollis spoke about the game’s legacy and said, “The animation is perfect, but not in a realistic, competent sense, but camp-style. It’s more Benny Hill than James Bond and that’s what makes it great. He later added, “Is that James Bond? Not really. Is that funny? Heck, yes. Most FPS games are extremely serious – pompous, in fact – and don’t enjoy the slapstick that can come from running around spewing bullets. and throwing hand grenades. People like to laugh.” Given that “Rick and Morty” decided to make a “slap only” reference, it seems like the creators should have had first-hand experience (ba-dum-tss) with the hilarious “GoldenEye” mode “.

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