Rihanna praised Sewage XFanti for showcasing trans models on the runway.

Lauren Cox and other trans icons are praising Rehana for once again showing the world that #TransIsBeautiful is on her third SAVAGExFENTY show.

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She’s back! ریہانہ Maybe not new music for us. Yet But your daughter has just given the world her third season. Wild X-Fantastic Fashion. In another great runway show

It’s just Dropped off Thousands of people are already expressing their opinions on Amazon Prime video and on Rehana’s social.

Lizo for the last time. Stole the showBut the biggest advantage of the internet this season is how diverse it all was. From body types to sex and sexual orientation to ethnic identity and beyond, Savage X Fantage Skin. 3 models are shown more than the fans who are used to seeing on the runway of Fashion Week.

Read on for the best response to Rihanna’s comprehensive casting (and what that might mean for transcripts)!

Rare’s massive lineup.

This year’s Savage X Fantasy show featured heavy-hitting models like Gigi Hadid and Alec Wake, as well as music industry icons such as Normany, Troy Seven, Ricky Martin, Jasmine Sullivan and many more. Watch the trailer above for the full cast list.

This is the first time that Rihanna has added the best to the business in one of her branded events, and this is not the first time that she has added models according to trans and gender. Trans actress and activist Lauren Cox first blocked the Savage X Fantasy runway, and she wanted to say something about this year’s models.

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Transstars are loving it.

Orange is the new black.Lauren Cox dedicated a long IG caption to Rehana’s show this weekend. It praises Rihanna for creating a “beautifully incorporated” space that features trans “legend” Leomi Maldonaldo: “Gal Badgalli has done it again. Go to the magistrate. #TransIsBeautiful honey !!”

Leumi himself. They say She “literally cried last night after watching”, and is still supported by other trans and non-binary stars.

Aqua Man 2.Actress India Moore called Lumi “A Star! Very Beautiful” and “Roopol’s drag race.‘Royalty Season 13 runners-up are running to celebrate Gotham, who was also on the show.

Gautama also shared a long caption about how comfortable and accepting the Savage X fantasy show experience was for him, praising communities like “avsavagexfenty and galbadgalriri that make us stronger and taller than ever” Are helping to build. ”

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Fans say other brands have no excuse.

There is no denying that Rerry’s show was devastating. Fans believe that its diversity has made it so good, and are demanding other fashion lines (cough * Victoria’s Secret, Ahem *) to follow.

As a fan. put it On Twitter:

“Rehana has got every skin tone, body size and identity on the runway and everyone looks good. Brands no longer have an excuse. Include #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW.”

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