Rings of influential actors speak of friendship and respect between elves and dwarves

In particular, Rings of Power has a geographic throughline that ties you all together. Sophia and Owain, you are in Khazad-dum. You are near Eregion, where Celebrimbor lives and rules. Robert, you’re playing Elrond, who we’ve already seen in both of these areas in commercials. Then there’s a clip of the dinner you guys have together. There are many areas that you guys are involved with. Sophia, did all this closeness bring the three of you together on set?

Sofia Nomvete: It brought us very close. The first scene you see during dinner is Disa directing this necessary unity between elf and dwarf, this loving friendship that has been shattered by time. But she understands what this means to Durin and his heart, and that it has always been a breakup.

Relationships, as we know, are very rare between an Elf and a Dwarf. We’ve seen and touched on this before, but now we’re seeing the intricacies of what it means, and actually the pain Durin went through, and… how Elrond feels about what it means to him. They both think differently about it, but Deesa looks in the middle and sees exactly what is about to happen, which is that they are coming together. There is a real triangle of love and respect that we see throughout the season.

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