Robbie Williams cannot sell luxury Wiltshire mansion for £ 7m

ROBBIE Williams is allegedly trying to sell his luxurious Wiltshire mansion for £ 7 million, but refuses to lower the price.

The rock DJ put up a seven-bedroom suburban mansion for sale in September last year, but has yet to sell it despite huge interest in real estate.


Robbie is reportedly struggling to sell a stunning Wiltshire mansion.1 credit
Real estate agents allegedly offered to lower the asking price.


Real estate agents allegedly offered to lower the asking price.Credit & Copyright: Robbie Williams, Knight Frank UK, All Other Top Ten Archives

Robbie, 47, is reportedly struggling to find a buyer for the Wiltshire mansion. Daily star informing that he had been encouraged to lower the asking price.

It is said that real estate agents have offered to put the property up for sale for £ 6.75 million, but the singer refuses to give it up.

The source explained, “It’s really amazing, but it’s just not being offered. The price may be too high for the current buying climate.

“It doesn’t look like he wants to descend from what it was rated at. This causes all sorts of headaches.

“Everything is so good around the house, everyone clicks on it and wants to look around, but in fact it has been there for six months.”

Robbie and his wife, Ayda Field, have put up the property they acquired for their growing family in 2009 for sale through real estate agent Knight Frank.

Spacious seven-bedroom home set on 71 acres of countryside. It has its own soccer field, tennis court and helicopter hangar.

There is also an additional guest cottage on site, as well as two separate apartments for staff, including a nanny or cleaning lady.

Compton Bassett House has a spa with a gym, indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.

Despite the fact that Robbie raised his four children – Theodore, nine, Charlton, seven, Colette, three, and Beau, two, in the house, Robbie put it up for sale in 2021.

At the time, he said: “Compton Bassett House has become an ideal refuge for our family. It was here that Aida and I truly fell in love and took root as a couple.

“Since then, we have welcomed four lovely children into the cozy rooms of Compton Bassett House, where we shared a lot of laughter and joy.

“The gardens and trees enchanted us with their magic, and on rainy days we played and splashed in the indoor pool to our delight.

“Compton Bassett House is definitely a family home that deserves a lot more laughter and joy within its beautiful walls.”

Robbie is still hoping to sell the Compton Bassett House in Wiltshire, which he bought for £ 8.1m in 2008, and admitted he was happy to say goodbye.

“It gives me goosebumps,” Robbie admitted in an interview with the podcast. “Teddy told me, ‘This room scares me. I don’t like this house. “

“I said,“ It scares me too. You won’t have to sleep there anymore. ” If there is great grief, or great pain, or tragedy, I think it can soak into the walls and leave an entity there that will remain for a very, very long time. “

“Robbie was at a different stage in his life when he bought Compton Bassett House,” the source said. Mirror.

“It seemed like an idyllic refuge in an English countryside, but he never felt at home there.

“Within a few months, he realized that this was not the place where he and Aida would like to live.

“Now he plans to reshuffle his property portfolio after deciding to buy property in Switzerland. The family moved there last summer and rented an apartment for six months to make sure they want to stay. “

The family wants to make their £ 24 million Swiss villa their main home after moving there during the pandemic.

Robbie raised his four children in a fabulous family home.


Robbie raised his four children in a fabulous family home.Credit: see Signature
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