Robin Williams’ Daughter Doesn’t Want to See Viral Impression Video

Stop sending Robin Williams daughter Zelda Impression videos, my dad.

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Robin WilliamsDaughter, Zelda WilliamsAsking his fans to use discretion when sharing videos of other comedians imitating their father.

The 32-year-old star Written via Twitter Citing Tuesday, October 12. Jamie CostaRecent viral clip.

Zelda noted that he had seen the video of 31-year-old Costa Which was posted on Monday, October 11., And showed a scene that really happened between her father and her ex. Mork and Mandy. Costar Pam Dauber. On the set in the 80’s.

In the video, which has more than three million views on YouTube, Costa posed for the late star. Sarah Murphy. Now playing the role of Dober, 69. The two presented a scene in which Robin discovers that he is a close friend John Beloshi was dead..

Of Mrs. Debit Fire. Actor In March 1982, Chatto was one of the last people to see Belushi alive before he died of a drug overdose in Marmont, Los Angeles.

“Robin, if this ever happens to you, I’ll find you and kill you first,” Dauber told his former TV coaster.

Although Costa’s performances impressed many viewers, the theme proved to be too much for her daughter. Good will hunting. The actor’s own Died in August 2014 at the age of 63.

Zelda tweeted on Tuesday, “Jamie is very talented, it’s not against him, but you all have hurt me over one of my late father’s impressions.

In the years following Robin’s suicide, his daughter, whom he shared with his ex-wife. Marsha Garcas, Has been raising her voice about her ups and downs. As she travels life without it..

“Sending love to all who pass by today,” Zelda tweeted in August. On the anniversary of Of Alaa StarDeath. “It can be hard to bear this new, old, connecting tissue of deep human pain, but it’s easy for me to know how many other people have felt the same sting sometimes. We’re not alone. X. “

Next month, Symptoms of Cora The actress shared a message of support. Anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts. Or other mental health struggles.

“Today is #World Society Prevention Day.. They shared on social media in September. “For those who are hurting, please be gentle with your heart today. For those who are asking for help, please use all the resources I will link to below.

Zelda and her brother survive Robin, Cody Williams, 29, as well as his stepbrother, Zack Williams, 38, to whom جمانجی۔ The star was shared with his ex-wife. Valerie Villardy.. Ranger alum was married. Susan Schneider Williams. About three years before his death

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or is considering suicide, call. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline At 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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