Robin Williams’ Wife Reveals Why He Killed Himself

Robin Williams’ wife Susan Schneider has revealed why her late husband killed himself.

After the late actor took his own life 8 years ago, rumors began to circulate on the Internet about the cause of his death.

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But his wife revealed the real reason.

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Williams is known as the greatest comedian of all time.

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He played several leading roles, one of which won an Academy Award in 1997 and inspired many to life.

Williams’ children, Zach and Zelda, recently attended a mental health event to present an award in memory of their father. The event was hosted by Glenn Close and the Board of Directors of Bring Change to Mind, PEOPLE. reports.

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Back in 2010, Close co-founded a national organization dedicated to helping end the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness.

The event was hosted by Robin Roberts and in total he managed to raise a staggering $1 million. ET Canada reports.

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Zack and Zelda, also joined at the event by Zack’s wife, Olivia June, took the stage to present the Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter award.

The Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award was presented to Shitts Creek stars, Dan Levy and Eugene Levy.

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The publication says the award “recognizes and thanks artists who spread laughter and awareness through acts of kindness, charity and outright honesty that make people feel heard, seen and less alone, and in many ways make the world a brighter, more open and caring place.” “.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Close wrote, “Excited to honor Eugene and Dan Levy with the ROBIN WILLIAMS LEGACY OF LAUGHTER Award and Chase Stokes with the BC2M CHAMPION OF CHANGE Award.”

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“Many of us experience stress, anxiety and depression. Let’s decide to SPEAK in order to LISTEN and LAUGH!!

Congratulations Dan and Eugene Levy!

After Williams’ tragic death, many speculated that depression killed the late actor.

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However, this does not appear to have been the main cause of his death.

During an interview with Good morning America his wife Susan Schneider opened on the real reason: “Depression didn’t kill Robin. Depression was one of, let’s say, fifty symptoms, and it was a small symptom.”

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It is implied that there was much going on in Williams’ life that could have prompted him to commit suicide.

During an interview, she revealed that Williams actually had dementia with Lewy bodies.

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However, the disease was only confirmed at autopsy.

He was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which, along with dementia, made it difficult for Williams to cope.

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“He tried his best,” Schneider said, “but in the last month he couldn’t. It was like a dam breaking.”

Today marks 8 years since his death.

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Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, visit for free confidential assistance of qualified consultants.

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