Rod: Where can I buy Hailey Bieber’s new skin care line?

NO-MAKEUP makeup queen Hailey Bieber has finally released her new skincare line with three incredible products.

Officially released on June 15th, people are thrilled to be able to try Clean Skin Icon’s cosmetic line to mimic the star’s wondrous skin.


Hailey Bieber has launched her own skincare line, Rhode, which consists of three essential products.Credit: Rod / Instagram

Who is Hailey Bieber?

Daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and wife of sensational pop star Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber is a 25-year-old model and media mogul known for her fashion style and sleek makeup.

Thanks to Bieber’s love for skin care and natural makeup, she has focused on creating products designed for sensitive skin.

Bieber created Rhode with the intention of “creating products based on science and great formulas that simplify the many mysteries and complex stories behind effective skincare,” as stated on Rhode’s website.

Where can I buy Hailey Bieber’s new skin care line?

After previewing lab samples on her TikTok, fans waited patiently for months for her to drop her skincare brand.

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All of Bieber’s new skin care products are now available for purchase at Rod’s official website.

With lots of looking forward and love, her peptide glaze is already sold out and customers can add their emails to the waiting list.

With only three products released, the Rhode team is also working on a cleaner that will be released soon, and the company is only divulging a small number of products at a time to ensure perfection in every product.

How much does it cost?

So far, three products have been officially released, each costing less than $30.

Peptide Glazing Fluid is $29 for 50ml of product.

Designed for hydration and radiance, this gel serum contains niacinamide, peptides, hyaluronic acid and marula oil to strengthen the skin barrier and instantly smooth the skin.

The cost of Peptide Glazing Fluid on the Rhode website is $29.


The cost of Peptide Glazing Fluid on the Rhode website is $29.Credit: Rod / Instagram

In addition, the Barrier Restore Cream is also $29 with 50ml of products.

The Barrier Repair Cream contains key ingredients such as shea butter, squalane, peptides, acai and niacinamide to help repair the skin barrier and provide hydration.

The barrier repair cream is $29 on the Rhode website.


The barrier repair cream is $29 on the Rhode website.Credit: Rod / Instagram

Last up is her $16 lip balm with 10ml of product. The lip balm comes in three different flavors, including unscented, watermelon chunks, and salted caramel.

Rhode Lip Care contains shea butter, peptides, cupuaçu and babassu to hydrate and natural-looking lips for a radiant, soft finish.

Peptide Lip Treatment comes in three different flavors and costs $16.


Peptide Lip Treatment comes in three different flavors and costs $16.Credit: Rod / Instagram

Created using recyclable secondary packaging, consumers can finish three products and send the empty packaging back to the company for recycling.

They will then receive a 10% off coupon along with a free shipping label on their next order.

Rhode also works with other brands to promote a healthy lifestyle for women, donating at least 1 percent of its sales to communities.

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“We partner with three organizations that provide women, especially women of color, with the resources they need to manage their own future: Accion Opportunity Fund, Black Mamas Matter Alliance, and LIFT Family Goal Fund,” the Rhode website says.

“Rod has dedicated at least 1% of sales to support their efforts and the women they serve.”

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