Roman Kemp hangs out until 5am with Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi at a top secret party and misses the start of his radio show.

CAPITAL FM DJ ROMAN KEMP told how he missed the start of his show “Breakfast” after a night of drinking with famous pals.

In an exclusive chat, Roman admitted he went too far in celebration after spending both nights of Jingle Bell Ball radio station last month.


Unsurprisingly, Roman slept through his morning alarm clock.1 credit
Roman blames Ed Sheeran's red wine


Roman blames Ed Sheeran’s red wine1 credit

And after drinking red wine, champagne and more until morning with Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi, his hangover was so bad that he was late for work on Monday morning.

Roman said: “On Saturday, everyone was very worried about Covid, and it was around the beginning of Omicron, but on Sunday I was like, ‘Fuck this, I’m leaving!’

“However, I went out too much. I blame Ed Sheeran’s wine, especially his red wine. And Lewis Capaldi, who didn’t even play. Right after the show, I was with Ed and we just drank wine until the wacky hours.

“But then I got a call and it was Lewis. He contacted me and Ed on FaceTime and said, “Come to this party.” And I just went.

“Ed is now a father, he is intelligent, he has a child and a wife to focus on. But Lewis is kind of a burden in my life. Every time he is in the city, I say: “Oh, then come on.”

“We were out of the house. I was at the nightclub until 5am. People told me: “You’re on the air in an hour!”

Unsurprisingly, Roman slept through his morning alarm clock. Its co-hosts Sonny Jay and Sian Welby took it lightly, but Roman said he would never forget it.

The DJ spoke at the launch of the Vodafone Everyone.connected campaign, encouraging people to donate their old devices to fight digital poverty (search the internet for all.connected).

He added, “I passed out and someone was knocking on my door at 6:30 am, saying, ‘You have to do a show.’

“I had to apologize when I entered. I had a lot of trouble. “

DJ, son of Spandau Ballet bassist Martin, also revealed how Ed stepped in to try and save the day after Coldplay were forced to abandon their Jingle Bell Ball slot at London’s O2 Arena.

He said, “When Coldplay dropped out, Ed called us and said, ‘I’ll play two nights if you want.”

“He exhibited himself on both nights for free. He’s such a nice guy. “

A film by Idris Wills’ friend

MOVIE superstars Will Smith and Idris Elba plan to team up to create a lucrative film.

I can report that the duo recently hit it off and brought in a small team of their favorite writers to develop ideas and concepts for the project – and are very keen to find a story that they both are passionate about.

Will and Idris have hired a small team of their favorite writers to develop ideas and concepts for the project - and are eager to find a story they both are passionate about.


Will and Idris have hired a small team of their favorite writers to develop ideas and concepts for the project – and are eager to find a story they both are passionate about.1 credit

A film insider said, “Will and Idris are the two biggest actors in the world and they feel like now is the right time for something to happen to both of them in the lead roles.

“They want to be in control, so they take the initiative to work on ideas with some of the writers themselves.

“Then present the idea to the studios when they come up with something that they agree on.

“This is just the beginning, but they are thrilled with stories to tell together. They are on the same wavelength, so they want this to happen. “

The couple met a few years ago, but recently they have begun to communicate more regularly: in November, Idris held a series of questions and answers with Will in London to promote the actor’s autobiography “The Fresh Prince”.

The idea came just days after Will received his first Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role in the drama King Richard.

Idris recently starred in Luther, and Will starred in the action movie Emancipation last summer, which is expected to be released later this year.

Their schedules should be packed to capacity at the best of times, but it looks like the two will clear their diaries for this collaboration to work.

Joel is working on it

Unsurprisingly, Joel Corrie is so excited he has shown that he tunes his music best during workout.

He said, “I actually like listening to the music I’m working on when I’m at the gym because when you listen to it in the studio it seems like you think too much about it.

“When you listen to it in a different environment, you really hear what needs to be changed or tweaked.”

DJ I Wish admitted that he also tests his music on the road.

During a live stream on Instagram, he added: “The car is good. The windows should be lowered, the volume increased. I annoy everyone. “

S Club 4+ no more

The 900’s S Club 7 may have reunited for a big UK tour in 2015, but fans still hoping to see the group back together seven years later may wait even longer.

Singer Tina Barrett revealed that she and bandmates Rachel Stevens, who will be on Ice Dance this weekend, and that Bradley McIntosh and Hannah Spirritt are ready to reunite.

But she avoided mentioning lead singer Joe O’Meara, John Lee and Paul Cattermole, suggesting they were less interested in getting on board.

Tina said on The Hundamental Guide to Life podcast: “I have to say that some of the members are ready for this. I can really tell who.

“I know Rachel wants to do it, Hanna wants to do it. I would definitely like to do it, and Brad. “

However, she added, “But obviously we need all seven, so we’ll see what actually happens. More than half are ready for this, so you never know for sure. “

All 11 of their singles made it to the top ten, with four reaching number one in four years of music release.

As their peers like Steps continue to pursue success with hit albums, there is no limit.

Gaga does Kylie

Kylie Minogue’s clip for Can’t Get You Out Of My Head turns 21 this year, but her white outfit lives on because Lady Gaga copied it in this new shoot.

I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t an Australian pop star when I saw this photo for W Magazine’s Best Performances, an annual article dedicated to stars at the forefront of cinema.

Gaga portrays Kylie Minogue in this stunning shot


Gaga portrays Kylie Minogue in this stunning shotCredit: Tim Walker

Lady Gaga is best known for her critically acclaimed role in House of Gucci.

Also included was tuxedo Adam Driver, who played Patricia Reggiani’s husband, Maurizio Gucci in the film.

Other celebrities were more flamboyant: Cate Blanchett and Kristen Stewart wore bright yellow, and there was no shortage of Jennifer Hudson with her oversized hair.

But Benedict Cumberbatch, playing with flowers, was more like Ali G. It’s fair to say that he got a short straw when stylists handed out outfits.

  • Full interviews on photographed by Tim Walker and designed by Sarah Moonves, editor-in-chief of W Magazine.

Kanye and Putin

KANYE West plans to visit Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin, even though they appear to be on the verge of invading Ukraine.

Amir Sudan, an advisor to the rapper who calls himself Yeh, told Billboard, “He’s going to be spending a lot of time there. Kanye knows what’s going on, more than the average person, he is knowledgeable about things. And there is nothing against the United States or about causing conflicts, but Ye is Ye – he cannot be controlled. “

He went on to reveal that Kanye plans to host a Sunday service concert in the country with Putin as a special guest.

Amir also said that Kanye will work to develop and expand his business with the help of billionaire businessman Aras Agalarov.

It came two months after rapper Golddigger compared himself to a younger version of Putin.

I can imagine how it will end …

Baby George returns, new tune, solid gold

GEORGE Ezra is teasing the title single Any For You from her upcoming third album.

In November, I shared how he was preparing to release his comeback track in January, and now he has posted the clip on Instagram.

George released his last LP, Staying At Tamara's, back in 2018.


George released his last LP, Staying At Tamara’s, back in 2018.Credit: Alex Eden-Smith

In the fragment he sings: “I could love you, I could be everything that you want from me. And in the dark of the night, baby, let me be your light. “

The song, which is expected to be released in a few days, will be followed by an album later this year.

It seems to be called the Gold Rush Kid, as singer Shotgun launched a website with that name and has an album cover for it on his own site.

George released his last LP, Staying At Tamara’s, back in 2018.

He will play a huge concert at London’s Finsbury Park on July 17 to showcase his new music.

Miya, we go again, Romeo

Romeo Beckham looked happy as he posed for a photo with girlfriend Mia Regan.

The up-and-coming soccer player grinned as Mia grimaced in a selfie she posted on Instagram. The couple reunited during the holiday season after being separated for several weeks due to travel restrictions.

Mia and Romeo look very happy together.


Mia and Romeo look very happy together.Credit: Romeo Beckham / Instagram

Romeo, the son of David and Victoria, lives in the United States, where he plays for the reserve team of his father, Inter Miami. While Mia has a promising career in the UK.

She was tracked down by the modeling agency Storm Management, which helped Cara Delevingne become one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion world.

If they play their cards right, these two could easily become the new Posh & Becks.

Mia managed to fly away to spend the holiday season soaking up Kristen Bell Tattoos in the US with her famous family.

How does the other half live, huh?

Emotional Ed Sheeran revealed to fans at an intimate concert in London after the death of a close friend

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