Ronald Reagan of the Paper Girls honestly admits his acting skills

Markus Trushinski is the name of the actor who played Ronald Reagan in Paper Girls. Per IMDbThe Amazon series is only his second on-screen role, but he’s a stage veteran and has played some of the main characters over the years.

According to CourierTrushinsky’s love for the theater dates back to his school years. The actor told the publication that there was a photo of him and some of his classmates watching a play of Macbeth at the American Players Theatre. Fast forward to 2022 and the Paper Girls star can claim that he is now part of the theater’s cast and played the lead character in the aforementioned Shakespearean tragedy.

Getting the lead role in a play by William Shakespeare is no small feat, but it’s nothing new for an actor to play important roles in favorite theatrical productions. American Players Theater notes that Trushinski’s other stage credits include “Pride and Prejudice” and “Death of a Salesman”, in which he played Mr. Darcy and Biff Loman, respectively. However, now that he has appeared on the popular streaming series, it would not be surprising if he also becomes a regular on-screen player.

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