Ronnie and Georgia’s loss on the block made Ronnie ‘the other guy’

Viewers were stunned when Ronnie and Georgia ended up last on the Block, and it now appears there were instant consequences behind the scenes.

One of Ronnie Caceres’ Celebrity Apprentice co-stars shared a new take on how Ronnie and his wife, Georgia, dealt with their shock of finishing last in the final season of The Block.

As returning players, the Perth pair were among the favorites to win the 2021 season. Block — but instead finished fifth in the competition, earning a total winnings of $296,000 for their efforts. This was far behind the winning couple, returning favorites Mitch and Mark, who made over $744,000 for the season.

Ronnie and Georgia’s disappointment with the result was palpable during Block the finale – they even had to momentarily apologize during the other teams’ auctions, disappearing from the cameras as they dealt with the disappointment of being the last to arrive.

Now Ronnie Celebrity Apprentice Rival Darren McMullen said the aftermath of this reality show, which was filming at the same time as Blockhouses are up for auction.

Speaking this morning on the breakfast show KIIS 101.1 with Jace and Lauren after another episode of tension between him and Ronnie last night, the former Voice host McMullen explained that Ronnie had to leave filming for the weekend to visit Block auction – and said that he returned a different person.

“Something changed dramatically after Block; I think everyone would say that. We were originally divided into men’s and women’s teams – and the boys were very strong, we won all the tests, everything was great. Then Ronnie went to do Block auctions in Melbourne did not go well; I think they came last.

“He came back a different guy,” McMullen said.

Even though you won the most challenges during the whole season Block, Ronnie and Georgia made the smallest amount of money on the day of the auction, even losing to both teams who were involved in the season’s ongoing “fraud scandal”.

The Perth couple appeared to have tried to play a prank on their rival teams the day after the final aired last November.

“Our Block The journey may not have ended as we planned, but it is still an amazing financial result for our family,” they wrote.

“We hold our heads high knowing we didn’t leave anything in the tank and we did our best to play fair and square.”

Block this season moves to the country of Victoria for the first time – but the shooting of the new season has barely begun, and he has already survived more than one crisis.

First, one team, powerhouse Elle Ferguson and her fiancé, former AFL player Joel Patfull, had to pull out of the competition days before filming began after Patfull’s mother had a severe fall.

The Nine have struggled to find replacements for the pair, but now, weeks later, the show is being affected by a wider crisis as a shortage of supplies and building materials causes the construction company behind the show to beg for ‘desperately’ needed help to complete construction. .

“We desperately need help to complete the current series Block, tree change“Nine out of six builders wrote to public post on instagram.

“Carpenters, cladding teams, skilled workers, merchants’ assistants. Salary, casual, subbi, we will not discriminate. Immediate start, five weeks to go… send us a message if you like.”

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