Rookie Actor Reveals Jon’s Exciting Changes in Season 5

Nathan Fillion appeared at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con and stated that his character, John Nolan, will reach new heights in his position with the LAPD. Alexi Hawley, creator of The Rookie, was the first to confirm the last move. “At the start of season five, John Nolan will be a training officer,” Hawley revealed via Entertainment Weekly. “He’ll be the oldest rookie officer.” The promotion actually sets off a process in which Nolan proves once again that he is a man who is much older than the rest of his peers.

Fillion expanded on Hawley’s revelation. “We started by saying this guy is a rookie,” the actor said. “Now he has risen to another level of his work and he is starting from the bottom. I got a brand new rookie who makes all the same mistakes that I did when I was a rookie.” Fillion went on to tease the details of the newcomer storyline he would inherit, noting that “she is, in many ways, her own character.” The audience was shocked that the rookie officer is a woman, prompting Fillion to joke, “What am I, Tom Holland here?”

Nolan’s path from rookie cop to drill officer wasn’t easy for the older cop. He had a long and difficult journey ahead of him, which forced him to prove again and again that he belonged in a uniform, and from this he became better.

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