Rookie creator teases the denouement of this massive season 4 cliffhanger

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Alexi Hawley discussed the future of The Rookie and talked about the end of Season 4. Naturally, this prompted him to talk about Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford’s final kiss and what it means for Season 5.” We left the cliffhanger at the end of last season with a kiss that we’ve been preparing for for four seasons,” he said, before hinting at what fans can expect from it during Season 5. Hawley teases, “It’s definitely going to have repercussions and some repercussions, but I really think it’s only fair to make you wait to see exactly where it leads.” (by using Entertainment Weekly)

Season 5 of The Rookie will premiere on September 25, 2022, so thankfully we won’t have to wait long to find out about the future of Chen and Bradford’s growing relationship. Plus, we won’t have to wait long to check out the next chapter in the Rookie franchise, Rookie: The Feds. Announced in May 2022, a spin-off focused on Simone Clark Nisi Nash as she enters the FBI Academy, making her the most senior intern to date. The show will also feature characters such as Frankie Faison, Britt Robertson and James Lezur. premiered two days after the fifth season of The Rookie.

From the new spin-off to the intriguing developments in Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford’s relationship, this is an exciting time for The Rookie fans.

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