Royal Corgis and Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite ponies attend her funeral procession

I think it’s time to say goodbye.

A conversation, a failed marriage, a university degree, a childhood home, a beloved piece of clothing, a teddy bear, a parent. The different levels of meaning for each interaction are staggering, and yet they serve the same purpose—to mark the end. Goodbyes are final in one way or another, but it becomes sad when we realize that some people don’t understand or don’t understand the concept.

Like pets. One day they are lying in the warm lap of their loving owner, the next they are not there. Where did they go? When are they coming back? These questions cannot be answered, and it is difficult to explain the situation when the language spoken is so different.

As such, it was very sweet and heartwarming to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis being brought into her funeral procession in the hope that she would be able to say her final goodbyes. The Queen’s pony Emma also stood alongside the handlers to pay her respects to the monarch, and she tugged at the heartstrings of many observers.

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The royal corgis, Mike and Sandy, were taken to Windsor Castle by two royal aides to await the funeral of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

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Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. Mocknamed after a favorite spot near Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s summer retreat, and Sandy, were escorted by two royal aides to Windsor Castle to await their beloved master’s funeral procession.

At the time of her death, the Queen also had two other dogs – a dorgie called Candy, and Lacey, a cocker spaniel. Prince Andrew was seen talking to aides and giving corgis a sympathetic pet as he took a breather before returning to the devotional service.

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The Queen’s love for corgis has been well-known and documented over the years, becoming a symbol of the British royal family around the world.

It is believed that she raised more than 30 of them, with the first being estimated to have been born to her father, King George VI, when she was seven years old.

The dogs will spend the rest of their days at their Royal Lodge with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

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Although there were rumors that the dog would be buried with gold and the queen, we are happy to say that this is very wrong. Dogs will live with the rest of their lives. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

He was the one who presented the Queen with a dog in 2021 after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death. Now, they will look after the dogs at their Royal Lodge, which they continue to share even after their divorce.

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The Queen’s filly pony, Carltonlima Emma, ​​also stood with the handlers for the last time in honor of the monarch. The Queen continued to run Emma well into the 90s

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But dogs weren’t the only ones present for the procession. The Queen’s filly pony, Carltonlima Emma, ​​also stood with the handlers for the last time in honor of the monarch.

He was spotted on the side of the road, with the Queen’s last stud groom and Her Majesty the Queen’s manager, Terry Pendry, who has held the position for the past 25 years, both watching as the Queen arrived at Windsor Castle. Monday afternoon.

Daily mail In 2020, the royal groom reportedly said that Emma “has been a wonderful maid of honor to Her Majesty and is still going strong at 24.” Queen Fell was patron of the Pony Society, and continued to ride Emma when she was well into her 90s.

Queen Elizabeth’s love for corgis has been documented throughout the years, to the point where they are recognized around the world as symbols of the British royal family.

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The king’s beloved corgis lived a life of luxury that few pets could ever hope to experience. When at Buckingham Palace, the dogs slept in raised wicker baskets in a special boot room near the royal apartments. Their meal included chef-cooked fillet steak and chicken breast.

The carefully prepared food was then delivered by a footman and covered with gravy that was poured by the king himself. The dogs never ate tin food and were given homeopathic remedies when sick.

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In 2018, Richard’s He revealed that each of the Queen’s corgis was buried in her royal estate. The actual burial was done by Her Majesty’s head gardener while she was overseeing the sad moment. Each of her beloved children also received a headstone to commemorate her life as a loyal royal companion.

In 2015, it was reported that the Queen was deliberately not planning to add any more dogs to her brood. After one of her last corgis died in 2012, she told horse trainer Monty Roberts that she didn’t want to keep any more young dogs because “she didn’t want to leave a young dog behind.”

It is believed that she raised more than 30 corgis, with her first corgis given to her and her sister Margaret by their father, King George VI, when Elizabeth was seven years old.

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Tens of thousands of people lined up for The Long Walk and clapped as the flower-covered coffin slowly made its way to his Berkshire castle, where he spent most of his final years before his death at Balmoral. . Silence fell amid the mourners as Sunny went on the last leg of her journey.

The service, with a strong thread of tradition, was discussed with the Queen over the years, and all but one of the prayers and hymns was chosen by her. The queen chose a hymn at that time.

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The king’s beloved corgis lived a life of luxury that few pets could hope to experience, with fancy beds and chef-made meals near the royal quarters.

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After a debate between the King and the Dean of Windsor, David Connor, the hymn chosen was Westminster Abbey, adapted from Purcell’s Alleluias in O God, Thou art my God. Other pieces include JS Bach’s Schmucke Dich, O Liebe Seele — Adorn Yourself, O Dear Soul — and Vaughan Williams’ Rhosymedre, favorites of the royal family.

Much of the music in the service was composed by Sir William Harris, who served as organist at St George’s Chapel between 1933 and 1961, covering much of the Queen’s childhood. The young Princess Elizabeth often visited the organ loft to watch Sir William play, and it is believed that he taught her to play the piano.

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We wish the pups the best and hope they feel no loss without their queen. We wish the Royal Family strength during this time.

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With the Dean of Windsor saying, “Depart this world, O Christian soul, on thy journey,” the Queen’s coffin was lowered into the vault of St. George’s Chapel. After the final public element of her funeral, Her Majesty will be buried alongside her late husband Prince Philip in the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

You can watch the moment here.

We wish the pups the best and hope they feel no loss without their queen. We also wish the well-being of all the bereaved and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Now it’s time to relax in the land beyond with your loved one and dozens of your dogs.

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