Royals Didn’t Want Elton John to Sing at Princess Diana’s Funeral, New Documents Revealed

According to recently discovered documents, the palace nearly stopped Elton John from singing his touching tribute at Princess Diana’s funeral.

Princess Diana: Elton John was almost banned from singing at the funeral, it was considered

Recently Recovered Documents Revealed that the Palace almost stopped Elton John from singing his famous touching tribute at Princess Diana’s funeral, saying it was “too sentimental.” However, their opinion was changed by the Dean of Westminster, who took it upon himself to personally make a request to Buckingham Palace.

The Dean, also known as Arthur Wesley Carr, advised royal officials to block the performance unwisely, especially since the public turned their backs on the royal family following the death of Princess Diana.


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Dean of Westminster claims Elton’s song will help calm British audiences

He argued that Elton’s emotional melody “Candle In The Wind” was not only a fitting song, but would calm the British public, who were furious at their perception that the monarchy was indifferent to dire tragedy.

In a letter to a senior palace official, Karr stated, “This is a key moment in the service and we call for courage. This is where surprises happen and something of the modern world that the princess represents. “

“I respectfully suggest that something classical or choral (even a popular classic like Lloyd Webber’s) be inappropriate. It would be better if the accompanying song by Elton John (known to millions and the princess liked his music) was would be powerful. “

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Elton’s song has already been performed by the public in honor of Diana

He continued: “He wrote new words for a melody that is widely played and sung throughout the country in memory of Diana. It plays on the radio all the time. “

“Its use here will be creative and generous for the millions who feel lost to personal loss: it is popular culture at its best. If the words are considered too sentimental (although this is by no means a bad thing, given the national mood), they should not be printed, but only sung. “

“I would be willing to discuss the meaning of this proposal over the phone with anyone.”

There are no known official documents on the palace’s response, but it is safe to assume that it was positive, as Elton John did perform, creating one of the most memorable moments of the funeral.

After the high-profile event, Elton’s melody has sold over 33 million copies worldwide.

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