Rude customer tells helpful employee to just do what the work order says, immediately regrets it.

No, the customer is not always right. The customer is human, as we all are. And if you find the rare client who thinks he’s never wrong and is downright rude, your good intentions can backfire. This is what happened to redditor u/rentacle who. shared a story about a terrible customer With a 2.7 million member strong r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit.

The author of the post explained how he tried to help a customer who requested an in-depth analysis of dish soap sales over the past few years. Noticing that the client specified the wrong product code, the OP decided to reach out about the suspected error.

However, things didn’t go as planned, as the customer turned out to be incredibly entitled and demanded that they “stop wasting their time” and just do what the work order says. Point to malicious compliance. Scroll down to read the full story, what the outcome was, and how the internet reacted to the viral post.

You can share your thoughts about the work situation in the comments, dear panda. Have you ever had to deal with a rude customer? Tell us how it went and what advice you would give to someone who might end up in your shoes.

You may genuinely want to help a customer, but some of them won’t bother you long enough to listen to you.

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One employee described how he tried to tell a client that he had made a mistake when filling out a job order. However, things did not go as planned

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After being hung up on by the customer, the redditor complied with the demand and just left with false information. It had immediate and profound consequences for the client. Both their bosses joined in after the meeting was rescheduled due to not having accurate information ready for the report.

Fortunately, the customer’s boss apologized to the OP. As for the client? Well, he was moved to a “role” that limits the amount of damage he takes.

As u/rentacle said, the moral of the story was simple: “Before you tell someone to shut up, maybe listen to what they’re saying…” And that applies to all situations in life. Often times, many people are in such a hurry and feel that their work is the only thing that really matters that they miss important information and opportunities. It is important to learn to listen, not just to speak.

Alexander Kjerolf, from Positive Sharing, said An earlier interview stated that the key to dealing with rude customers is to strike a balance between professionalism and boundaries.

“Keep your cool and remember that whatever abuse they’re giving you doesn’t reflect on you as a person. That customer doesn’t know you, so there’s no way. But on the other hand, submissive Don’t be. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and tell customers that abuse is not tolerated. And if it persists, hand them over to a manager as soon as possible and let them deal with it,” he said. advised.

One way employees can stop a rude customer is to tell them that they don’t accept misbehavior and ask them to stop yelling. If this behavior persists, you can turn off the phone. If the customer calls back and continues to be rude, the manager can take over the form there.

However, it’s important to remember that rudeness doesn’t mean that the person is inherently a horrible person. Often, they’re just having a bad day. Although there are some who will use their rudeness on purpose.

“You have to remember that in many cases a customer who behaves badly isn’t necessarily a bad person — it could be a good person having a bad day and that’s why they’re acting. But sad. “The reality is that some customers act this way because they’ve learned that it works and they’ll get a discount or preferential treatment,” Alexander told BorPanda, stressing the fact that everyone should be treated like an employee. One should try hard to be kind and positive. At least anyone can do it everywhere.

The OP shared some more information about what happened in the comments of his post.

Here’s what some netizens have to say after reading the viral work story.

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