Russell Dickerson Talks About His ‘Crazy’ Year – Hear Now!

Russell Dickerson Opening up about life on the road!

Desh-music Ke Superstar was a guest in the latest episode spout podcast, where he shares some of his parenting tips and discusses how his year has been so far.


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host Josh Brubaker, aka brew, started by asking Russell How has his year been so far?

“Man, it’s been a crazy year,” he replied. “Like, it started out like this, we’re back, we’re doing it, 2021. I mean, we started playing the show, like, we had the whole fall tour booked. We were ready, Brother but then the Fall Tour got canceled really sadly and thus threw a little wrench and everything but we stuffed dates around.”

He also said that he had recently taken his son REMINGTON, which he shares with his wife calli, to celebrate its first birthday at Disney World.

“We just took our bus there for a week and literally kind of parked at the Disney Campground and we were just hanging out. We made a ruckus at Disney, man,” he joked. “We barely went. We were quite open to closing, just blowing his mind with Disney magic. ,


brew Also asked whether it is still true that Russell Uses his own music to calm down REMINGTON Below.

“It’s still true,” said the “Blue Tacoma” singer. “It’s becoming less true, sadly. He’s obsessed cocoa melon Now.”


He continued, “But yeah, it’s still like my song ‘Southern Symphony…’ Well, yeah, he’s like, cool. I’m cool.”

“So Many Exciting Things Are Happening, Got Baby, Got Happy Life, Title
Travel,” brew Said later in the interview. “What title if you had to like, if it were a book, what title would you give to this chapter of your life?”

Russell replied, “The first thing that comes to mind is ‘Hard work pays off.’ I mean, we started from the bottom right. Like, I didn’t get the record deal until, like, later. Nobody’s going to sign me. So we were like, okay, we’re going to shoot a music video. And my wife herself shot it on a back street in Nashville. It can be like, ‘Believe in yourself when no one else will.'”

Hear the full interview below!

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