Rust Research One Big Step Closer to Answers

According to Diversity, the FBI has completed a ballistics analysis of the Rust shooting investigation. The agency will then send the results to New Mexico authorities, who can now proceed to refer the case to local prosecutors for possible charges. The New Mexico Office of Medical Investigators has already completed its investigation and was able to file a formal coroner’s report on Wednesday, Aug. 10, after receiving ballistics data, officials said. According to investigators, at least seven other “suspected” live rounds were found on the set of Rust, in addition to the one used to kill Galina Hutchins.

As of this publication, investigators are still awaiting Alec Baldwin’s phone records from that day – and those leading up to it – after the actor handed over the cell phone to New York’s Suffolk County Police Department, Variety reported. He initially refused to provide his phone details, but was later forced to do so after a warrant was issued to him by law enforcement (via Term). Suffolk County authorities are reportedly combing Baldwin’s cellular device for “relevant information” that may be relevant to the “Rust” criminal case and Hutchins’ death.

Baldwin and two others – assistant director David Halls and gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reid – were at the center of the investigation. Baldwin’s legal team insists he is innocent of any wrongdoing. “There are no answers on his phone,” his lawyer, Aaron Dyer, said. Term in January 2022. “Alec did nothing wrong. It is clear that he was told that this was a cold weapon, and he followed the instructions when this tragic incident occurred. first place.”

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