Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series ‘The Watcher’ gets a unique teaser

Netflix has abandoned Trailer for the movie “The Watcher” September 9, 2022. It features the always adorable Jennifer Coolidge, who plays a supporting character on the show: Karen Calhoun, a realtor who “makes them feel like they don’t really belong” (via Term).

During the trailer, Karen shows off the house. She starts by demonstrating luxury items. This is a house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. “They added an extra tub for fun!” she exclaims.

Soon, however, the teaser turns dark. There is a “very intact kitchen lift” that can easily support a human body. She highlights the curtains in the master bedroom, which are great at blocking out “weird neighbors” who might be spying.

A good trailer highlights the film’s most important moments without revealing too much. From what we’ve seen so far, The Spectator should be a disturbing spectacle laced with a healthy dose of humor. Check it out later this year.

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