Ryan Reynolds doctor discovers life-threatening polyp

Ryan ReynoldsThe doctor discovered something potentially life-threatening after the actor underwent a preventive colonoscopy.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Sentence star, 45, teamed up with another actor Rob McElhenney and the colon cancer awareness organization Lead from Behind (in collaboration with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance) to discuss the importance of the procedure.

The duo, who co-own Welsh football club Wrexham AFC, shared that they had made a bet: if It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, 45, learned to speak Welsh, Dead Pool the actor let the cameras follow him during the colonoscopy.

“He was so sure he would win that he said he would show his colonoscopy publicly if I could do it,” McElhenney joked in Welsh, which was translated into the video’s subtitles.

Reynolds then shared that since he and the Philadelphia native turned 45 this year, they had to undergo a medical examination. “It’s a simple step that can literally, I mean literally, save your life.” free guy the actor said.

As the cameras continued to roll, Reynolds arrived at an appointment where his doctor shared that the process was “stunningly effective” in just 30 minutes. After the colonoscopy, the medical examiner said Just friends star that an “extremely thin polyp” was found on the right side of his colon.

“This has potentially saved your life – I’m not joking, I’m not being too dramatic,” said the doctor. “That is why you are doing this. You didn’t have any symptoms.

The frames also showed images of the polyp. After the doctor explained how he removed it, he remarked, “You’re interrupting the natural course of the disease, a process that could eventually develop into cancer and cause all sorts of problems.”

Reynolds shares three daughters with his wife Blake Livelywhom he married in September 2012. Adam Project The star has previously spoken about the importance of setting a positive example for your children, especially when it comes to mental and physical health.

“I have three daughters at home and part of my job as a parent is to model behavior and model what it means to be sad and model what it means to be excited or angry,” he explained. Entertainment tonight in June 2021. “That there is a place for all these things. The house that I raised [up] in, it wasn’t modeled for me really. And this does not mean that my parents were careless, they are just from a different generation. A lot of it is just wanting to model certain things for your kids.”

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