Ryan Seacrest AGAIN disgusts fans when they spot ‘unsanitary’ details in the background of new photo after farting confession

RYAN Seacrest is once again disgusted by fans when they spot an unsanitary detail in the background of a new photo.

Ryan, 47, recently shocked fans after he admitted to farting live with Kelly and Ryan.


Ryan Seacrest angered fans with a photo of his dog pooping on Instagram.Credit: Instagram / @ryanseacrest
Ryan Seacrest and his dog Georgia outside the Live with Kelly and Ryan studio


Ryan Seacrest and his dog Georgia outside the Live with Kelly and Ryan studioCredit: Instagram / @ryanseacrest

The photo posted on Ryan’s Instagram was meant to be a loving commemoration of “Live with Kelly” and Ryan. Take your dog to work.

It shows the American Idol host posing with this dog, Georgia, outside the morning talk show studio.

The first photo of three is a fairly standard photo of Ryan holding Georgia on a leash.

The second shows a similar image, except now the radio host is doing his best model pose, squinting his eyes and looking somewhere off-screen.

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In the third and final photo of the post, Ryan gives a thumbs up as a hunched-over Georgia goes about her business by a tree.

The Emmy Award-winning producer captioned the post: “The day no one could do anything even if they tried. Happy #TakeYourDogToWorkDay but Georgia just gave two weeks notice.”

Seacrest fans were outraged that a photo meant to be humorous went wrong.

One follower asked, “Does the third picture of Georgia do the trick?”

While another asked, “This image [her] poop????”


Co-host Kelly Ripa, 51, recently revealed an embarrassing NSFW secret about her Ryan on live TV.

As part of a segment with nutritionist Dr. Wendy Basilian, Kelly and Ryan were shown a large plate of cheeses.

This discussion was mostly about oral foods, so Kelly asked her doctor if cheeses were good for her teeth.

Ryan jumped in to say that it might be “good for your teeth, but it might be bad for your digestion.”

Kelly laughed and gave him a high five, but soon questioned him again, asking the next question to the doctor.

Patting his hands, she revealed some personal details about the idol’s owner when she asked Dr. Basilian, “What about Ryan who farts when he eats cheese?”

He didn’t seem to mind and continued the discussion in the same vein, asking the doctor, “What’s your decision?”

She just chuckled and told him, “We’ll talk later.”

When Ryan took the show on a commercial break, he sarcastically said, “More revealing news after this!”

As the show ended, Kelly could be heard saying to the doctor:[Ryan] He is lactose intolerant.”


This came after Kelly shocked Ryan by sharing an NSFW comment about herself during Friday’s episode.

The duo were just talking about Father’s Day when Kelly admitted she couldn’t believe how she managed to capture her husband, Mark Consuelos.

He and Kelly met while starring on the longtime soap opera All My Children.

They have been married since 1996 and have three children: Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 19.

It was during Kelly’s conversation about marriage with Mark that she shared the NSFW comment.

Confused, Kelly began, “Marry a romantic who loves to pack and fix things?

“I’m just a girl from New Jersey with minimal skills in everything.

“I’m not particularly good. I don’t have a gift, I’m not talented.”

However, the talk show host didn’t stop there.

She added, “I don’t have big breasts. I have nothing to offer!”

Ryan listened calmly, but the remark shocked him, making him laugh awkwardly and put his head on the table.

Lifting it back up, he seemed uncomfortable as he shuffled random papers in front of him that he didn’t even use.

He then covered the part of his face, the side closest to Kelly, to hide a bit, looking scared and shocked that she shared this.

“But somehow I convinced him that something special was going on,” she continued. “Could it be my skill? Hypnosis.”

Live with Kelly & Ryan Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest


Live with Kelly & Ryan Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest1 credit
Kelly Ripa told Dr. Wendy Basilian and viewers that Ryan


Kelly Ripa told Dr. Wendy Basilian and viewers that Ryan “farts” after eating cheese.Credit: Live with Kelly and Ryan
Kelly confesses to Ryan that she doesn't know how her husband fell asleep


Kelly confesses to Ryan that she doesn’t know how her husband fell asleepCredit: Live with Kelly & Ryan/ABC

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