Ryan Seacrest shares flashback photo and fans think he ‘looks better’ in old photo after being ‘concerned’ about his health

Ryan Seacrest shared side-by-side photos that blew fans away.

Some said he “looked better” in the old photo, as many people have been “concerned” about his health lately.


Ryan Seacrest shared two cute photos of Katherine McPhee from his talk show on June 2 – he smiled widely.Credit: Instagram/Ryan Seacrest
The second, a return to American Idol in 2007, worried fans, saying he looked


The second, a return to American Idol in 2007, worried fans, saying he looked “much better” back then.Credit: Instagram/Ryan Seacrest

Ryan, 45, shared two photos on Thursday with a familiar face.

After Katherine McPhee, 38, took part in Live with Kelly and Ryan, which he has hosted since 2017, he celebrated a rare reunion.

“Now and then. Another great show, thanks for coming!” he with signature two photos, one of Katherine from the set and one of her runner-up on American Idol, which he has hosted since it started 20 years ago.

While many fans said she aged beautifully, others unfortunately preferred the “then” photo in Ryan’s case, especially given recent events.

“Oh my God, these are the main return vibes!” one started.

However, another wrote about the return: “Ryan literally looks so much better!”

A third commented, “Wow, that’s [was] a minute ago”

A fourth wrote, “You’re crazy” under photos of the busy host.

A fifth used the word “fossil.”


Fans recently got worried for the longtime MC during the song contest’s extensive three-hour finale on May 22.

Social media users noted that Ryan’s eye twitched and dropped several times during the big broadcast.

Wearing a blue blazer with slicked back hair, he also seemed to slur a few words and waved his arms at some points as he spoke quickly between acts.

One viewer chimed in: “Am I the only one who noticed Ryan Seacrest’s gaze again? What’s happening?”

Another asked, “What’s going on with Ryan Seacrest’s eye?? #AmericanIdol.

A third Twitter user remarked, “The way we’re all worried about Ryan’s eye and not the ending speaks for itself.”

A fourth accused him of mispronunciation, writing, “@RyanSeacrest has completely changed the name of the @metheridge album.”

Along with some disturbing behavior, Ryan revealed that he also had a wardrobe malfunction and was forced to change his underwear during a live performance.

During the 2020 American Idol finale, fans were also worried about the health of the busy host.

Similarly, in one of the segments, the host slurred his speech and seemed unable to focus properly.

Then one tweeted: “Something is wrong with Ryan Seacrest. He is behaving strangely. Inarticulate words, his right eye downcast.

At the time, Ryan was reportedly considering moving back to Los Angeles permanently, as his friends were worried he was “overdoing it”.

“He has nothing against New York, but he feels that he was healthier in Los Angeles,” the source said. told Closer Weekly at that time.

The host’s representatives then released the following statement: “Ryan didn’t have a stroke last night.”

Speaking to People, the rep added, “Between LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, American Idol, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and the Disney Family Singalong specials, he’s been juggling three to four on-air jobs in the last few weeks and he needs some rest.” .


As Kristen Bell Tattoos reported exclusively last November, Ryan’s friends nearly forced him to go to Mexico with his girlfriend Audrey Paige, 25.

They felt that he needed a “breather” from such hard work.

“He’s been acting like this for 20 years now, and he’s almost 50…,” a source close to Kristen Bell Tattoos said.

“We thought by now it would slow down and calm down. But it’s not. He just got busier, so everyone has been worrying about him for years now.

“He works hard and works non-stop…he often skips solid food and drinks green juice as a supplement so he doesn’t waste time sitting down and eating.”

A month after that Mexican escape that Ryan was photographed on, still answering calls, he caused a stir when he seemed to switch to a strange broth-based diet.

Ryan got on twitter at the end of December 2021 to share a photo of his “post-Christmas diet” as he captioned the post.

There were three bottles on the table. They were labeled “first meal”, “second meal” and “third meal” respectively, and each was labeled as a different type of broth.

“I hope this is a joke,” one of them replied, as other Twitter fans were just worried.

Ryan has been known to work non-stop for many years, switching between performances on American Idol, Live, On Air With Ryan Seacrest and more.

He’s so busy he joked Jimmy Kimmel in 2018 that he should schedule bathroom breaks.

“I try to go to the bathroom from time to time, but that only happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays,” he said.

Although Ryan is a hosting professional after decades in the industry, his two main programs – Idol and Live – have him traveling a lot.

Every year he throws a Dick Clark rock New Year’s Eve party with Ryan Seacrest in New York.

Although this event only happens once a year, the role requires a lot of preparation.

Last December, the radio host signed multi-year contract to continue placing the program.

In December 2021, while on the soup diet, Ryan spoke to WSJ Magazine and admitted to his “burnout”.

“It’s personal, but I definitely knew I needed to slow down… I just burned out. I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted and just wouldn’t let myself accept it. Now I know,” he explained.

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“Saying no is hard. You want to say yes. When I say no to something, I feel guilty in terms of obligation.”

However, he doesn’t seem to slow down after these outspoken words.

Dozens of American Idol fans tweeted that they were


Dozens of American Idol fans tweeted that they were “worried” about host Ryan Seacrest during the three-hour finale of the May 20 season.
They sadly noted that his eye


They sadly noted that his eye “drooped” and he “ranted” throughout the exhaustive broadcast.
Since then, the busy host hasn't slowed down, and fans were also concerned when he said he scheduled bathroom breaks and switched to a broth diet for Christmas.


Since then, the busy host hasn’t slowed down, and fans were also concerned when he said he scheduled bathroom breaks and switched to a broth diet for Christmas.

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