Sadie Frost closes a luxury yoga clothing company in just three years with £156,000 in debt.

WHEN Sadie Frost’s fashion label FrostFrench went bankrupt in 2009, it was £4 million in debt.

So it’s good that her latest clothing venture, activewear firm Frost, is practically a success story by comparison as it closed after three years with, um, only £156,000 in loss. .


Sadie Frost’s fashion label FrostFrench went bankrupt in 2009.1 credit
Her last venture, Frost, closed after three years.


Her last venture, Frost, closed after three years.1 credit

Despite the high-profile launch and her collections held at Selfridges, she struggled to turn a profit.

Financial documents show he had assets of £125,000, although it looks like Sadie will still have £30,000 out of her pocket.

The firm’s website is currently down and contains a message that it is “undergoing required maintenance”, meaning that customers cannot place any orders.

Among the things that Sadie sold was a whole collection designed for yoga.

Promoting it shortly after launch, she said of her passion for yoga, “Sometimes 20 minutes is all I have. Other days I have a little more, but I’m not going to be fanatical.

“Now we live 20 or 30 years longer, so we need to stay healthy longer. You must also finance yourself, your children and your parents. It is very important to be focused and calm, because we have to be the ones who hold everything together.”

After filing with Companies House to formally close the company this week, Sadie shared on Instagram a list of everything she does every day to “keep her sanity.”

This included waking up early, praying, walking the dog, writing a thank you list, drinking a green smoothie, and making sure she “didn’t worry too much.”

Perhaps that, and the fact that she practiced yoga for hours, got her to where she is now.

There are not so many descending dogs that could cool me down if I were in her place.

Rita is having fun in Paris

LIFE is sweet for Rita Ora as she poses with a giant cotton candy stick during her trip to Disneyland Paris.

The singer pouted to perfection in a pair of oversized sunglasses for a fun-filled day at the resort and revealed she even shed a tear while French singing the Disney Frozen hit “Let It Go”.

Rita Ora is enjoying a romantic trip to Paris with her fiancé.


Rita Ora is enjoying a romantic trip to Paris with her fiancé.1 credit

She wrote on Instagram: “I can’t believe the fireworks at the end. I really cried. Even though I didn’t understand it in French, you know I know Let It Go by heart, so.

The visit to Disneyland was part of Rita’s romantic trip to the French capital with director fiancé Taika Waititi. She was later spotted leaving the hotel in a skimpy yellow outfit for a drink with friends.

The singer’s show has never been better


AFTER the release of the new single Last Thing I’ll Ever Need Lauren Allred has clearly skyrocketed.

When she took the stage at the Omeara in London on Thursday night, she sounded better than ever before.

Fans of the British talent show will remember her from this year’s series, where she placed second in the final.

Her powerful voice and talent, which landed her as the lead singer of Never Enough in the hit film The Greatest Showman, shone as she worked on her solo songs as well as covers of Audrey Hepburn’s “Moon River” and The Zutons’ “Valerie,” covers that Amy Winehouse remembered.

At one point, Lauren was overwhelmed with emotion and told the audience: “Britain’s Got Talent was a lot of fun.

“It’s been such a journey for me and it’s taken me to all of you guys.”

However, her singing voice never cracked or wavered.

I see great prospects for Lauren.

Craig in the pool in Ibiza

CRAIG David returned to his best form with a TS5 pool party at Ibiza Rocks.

The singer has endured a tough few years at the hands of a stalker who was banned from contact with him for five years earlier this month.

Craig David has spent the last few years dealing with a stalker


Craig David has spent the last few years dealing with a stalker1 credit

Craig was eager to put the nightmare behind him and told the audience at his White Isle appearance how excited he was to move on.

Speaking from his booth to a crowded audience, he said, “I remember when I wasn’t happy. But we’re here, right now, together, and I feel like with every song I play, I get to know you better.”

Craig added: “I’m honored to host this party to bring us together because the last couple of years have been a struggle for so many people. It’s great to see us all here today.”

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The set included Craig’s classics including Fill Me In and Walking Away as well as newer songs such as Really Love with KSI.

He also delighted the audience with his new single DNA with Galantis, which was released today.

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