“Safety First”: This online group is sharing the worst examples of work safety (90 new photos)

No matter what job you do, every workplace has its own job and safety requirements that every employee must follow without thinking. For other health and safety regulations, the employer is responsible, as it ensures that no worker is harmed in the course of duty, for which he may also be entitled to compensation.

However, some people choose to play with luck and see where ignoring what they know about workplace safety will lead them. As we might suspect, it won’t be far, and their security breach cases will also reach this infamous corner. Reddit is known as OSHA.

Recreated in 2013, the community’s motto reminds everyone to “Safety First”, which the examples shared out there completely lack. Below we’ve selected some of the most interesting posts shared on the OSHA subreddit, so scroll down. Also, be sure to check out our previous features with more OSHA content here, here and here.

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